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Graduate Recruitment Consultant - Contract opportunity - Sydney based

by Dave Jenkins , GradConnection South Africa (South Africa), Director September 29th, 2014

Graduate Recruitment Consultant - Contract opportunity – Sydney based

  • Varied, challenging and rewarding opportunity
  • Ideal for someone passionate about Graduate/Campus Recruitment!

Graduate Recruitment Consultant, Australia and New Zealand – 6 - 12 months contract initially, with opportunities for a longer term role.

About the role

This role will report into the Graduate Recruitment Lead and be responsible for:

  • managing graduate and summer internship recruitment campaigns for select business groups across ANZ;
  • advising on best practice and managing the selection process for these groups and assisting with interviewing as required;
  • representing Macquarie and presenting at on and off site events, at times involving interstate travel;
  • providing input into and creating graduate advertising, marketing collateral and campus events/initiatives;
  • developing and promoting our brand on campus;
  • collating market data to ensure approach to campus recruitment is competitive, and align to overall strategy;
  • contributing to continuous improvement of the graduate process and provide reporting activity;
  • maintaining the highest possible level of 'candidate care' by responding to candidates in a timely and professional manner;
  • managing our involvement with various university placement programs;
  • assisting with on-boarding activities for graduate and intern cohorts.

About you

  • Genuinely interested in, and passionate about graduate recruitment
  • Experience in the development of hiring strategies and the execution of high volume graduate and intern recruitment campaigns
  • Knowledge of recruitment marketing and sourcing strategies in the junior talent market including the use of digital mediums eg. LinkedIn
  • Ability to build effective relationships across business groups and other HR teams locally and globally
  • Exceptional presentation and facilitation skills
  • Strong organisational and time management skills with a demonstrated track record of managing multiple priorities and deadlines
  • An ability to work autonomously and self manage the successful delivery of graduate and intern recruitment.

About us

The Graduate Recruitment Team sits within the Human Resources Division of the Corporate Operations Group at Macquarie. The team is responsible for the development and execution of regional graduate and summer intern attraction strategies, including organising events, developing marketing collateral and building effective relationships with key university contacts and business stakeholders. The team are driven to utilise various attraction and selection processes across business groups to source the best junior talent in the market.

Find out more about Macquarie careers at

For further information about this opportunity please contact Sophie Newton on (02) 8237 8839.

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A common question which we always get asked is “How do I measure where my traffic and applications are coming from?”. Even though all suppliers should be able to provide comprehensive performance reports, it's always a good idea to have your own source of information when you are evaluating how effective certain 3rd parties are. 

This post aims to walk you through one of the main ways you can easily set up tracking for each of your traffic sources and best of all, it's free! By the end of this post you will be able to provide a unique tracking link to each website where you get your applicants from (such as GradConnection) and everytime a student clicks through from a certain website you will be able to see this in real time. The free tool below will you step you through how to set this up yourself so you can make sure you're 1 step ahead of the game.

How to create tracked links


  • Go to Bitly and create and sign up for an account (it’s free!)

  • Take your application link (e.g. and paste it into the link shortner.
  • Once bitly has created a unique tracked link you can copy and provide this to one application source such as GradConnection. It’s important that you only give this link to one supplier to make sure the data is remains accurate

  • Congratulations! You've just created your first tracked link!
  • If you want a new link for a different application source, just repeat steps 2, 3 as many times as you need.
  • From this point on, when an applicant clicks through from a particular traffic source bitly will display the traffic from each one below along with many more useful insights. 

One thing to keep in mind is that it is rare for these to match up exactly across all reports due things like technology constraints and other impacts outside of your control but they should all be very similar despite a small variance.

If you have any questions about setting this up yourself, we'll be happy to help so just get in touch with your account manager to get this under way!

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Who is stealing all your Graduates?

by Mike Casey September 14th, 2014

Our employer branding rivals are often not nearly as obvious as you would think. Who is lurking in the corner convincing great students to apply to them and then snatching them from you at the last possible moment?

We have been doing a lot of analysis around this exact topic and have come up with some really interesting data that will make you think twice about how you pitch your employer brand to students.

We can now tell you exactly who your major competitors are, by showing you which organisations your applicants also applied.

Competitor Analysis

EmployerPercent age of Applications Shared
Aurecon (Australia) 48
BHP Billiton (Australia) 36
BP (Australia) 33
Deloitte (Australia) 26
KPMG (Australia) 26
Anglo American Coal (Australia) 26
Chevron (Australia) 26
Woodside (Australia) 24
Arrium (Australia) 24
Wood Mackenzie (Australia) 22
Suncorp Group (Australia) 20
PwC (Australia) 17
Unilever (Australia) 17
Worley Parsons (Australia) 14
Origin (Australia) 13
KBR (Australia) 13

The table above is our competitor analysis of a medium sized graduate program in the resources industry. What we can see is that nearly half of all the people that applied to this employer also applied to Aurecon!

But what is the real surprise is that professional services firms like KPMG and Deloitte are also sharing a quarter of this resource company’s applications. This would tend to indicate that their employer brand is really starting to target engineering disciplines effectively and that this employer not only should be pitching their employer brand against other engineering and mining companies, but also looking at what is attractive about these non-traditional engineering employers.

Employers - want your report?

Easy! Just contact us and we will get you a full report with a number of stats on your applications from us, and who your own competitor analysis.

Universities - want your report?

Contact us to find out what employers are the most popular employers for your students, broken down by discipline. This data can help you figure out who you should target to come to campus frequently.

National Rankings!

At the AAGE conference this year we will be doing our presentation on exactly what employers performed best for each discipline on both a national and state basis, so make sure you come along and check it out and see where you sit amongst the competition.

There will also be a quiz with some great prizes to those who can pick the best performing employer brands this year.

If you can’t wait until then, please hit us up now and we can tell you exactly where you sat out of the 200 employers on our site in each discipline you target.

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Asia Graduate Recruitment Season is Kicking off

by Daniel Purchas September 12th, 2014

As some of you may already know, we are now quite active in running campaigns for employers in the Asia region as a whole over the past few years. While many grad recruiters in Australia are finished with grad offers for the year so far and some are wrapping up internship program intakes at the moment, Asia is just starting to heat up now

Graduate & Intern Recruitment in Asia

The Asia Graduate and Intern recruitment cycle is slightly different to how things work in Australia. Many employers usually start the recruitment of their graduates and interns around September/ October simultaneously and close graduate applications after 1 – 2 months but internship application windows can stay open for up to 3 months.

Many of the large Graduate employers in Asia are often regional graduate program managers as well so are often scheduling campaigns across multiple countries simultaneously or a rolling approach e.g. Start applications in Malaysia in early August, Singapore late August and Hong Kong in early to mid September which also depends on the start of the academic year in each country as well.

The Growing Trend in returnee student recruitment

One of the biggest trends in the Asia student recruitment market has been the growth in targeting Asian nationals who are studying abroad, predominantly in the USA, UK and also increasingly in Australia.

The feedback we have received from employers in Asia when recruiting graduates and interns who are returning to Asia after studying abroad will generally fall into one of 2 camps:

  • They want to target Asian nationals who are educated overseas at elite and globally renowned universities
  • They want to recruit Asian nationals back to their home countries who have more exposure to Western culture

With many large Asian employers of graduates and interns these days being Multinational Corporations (MNC’s), the cultural experience of a Western educated graduate can help them integrate into their new employer and then also work with new colleagues that may end up being in a different country at the end of the day.

How we’re getting involved in Returnee student recruitment in Asia

GradConnection as a student recruitment platform is now setup to help organisations recruit the students they need from the main markets where they are currently studying.

Asia Graduate Reruitment

We’re currently working with employers in the Asia market to help them recruit Asian nationals studying in Australia from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

We get a large proportion of the Australian university student market visiting our site every year and with around one third of Australian university students being an international student, we do have a large number of Asian citizens on our database to push these roles out to.

With the proportion of international students being so high, we are now also starting to work with a number of Universities to promote targeted opportunities based on a combination of degree major and the students home Nationality. We aim to increase the employment opportunities for these international students as well as providing more metrics on the employment options provided to these students for the university careers services as well.

Where else in the world is this trend going to appear and grow?

The 2 other major graduate returnee recruitment markets are the Middle East and a wide range of African companies. 

In the Middle East, many students study abroad and especially in the GCC countries, (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates), there are now citizenship based hiring quotas to make sure enough of their local citizens are employed by each company operating in these countries.

African companies have also started looking to recruit their citizens who have studied overseas to return home after graduation.

Unlike in Australian where the majority of international students are from Asia, many Middle Eastern and African students will be studying in the UK & USA.

With Asia, Africa and the Middle East being high growth areas in the global economy, we are predicting that international student returnee recruitment is only going to grow heavily over the next few years.

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Win a paid summer internship with Accenture Digital!

by David Jenkins September 2nd, 2014

Accenture Summer Internships

Win a paid summer internship with Accenture Digital!

Are you excited about the digital revolution and how it’s changing everything–how we work, live and play. Would you love to be part of it?

Accenture Digital is helping drive that revolution and we want you to be leading it with us.

Accenture Digital is offering you the chance to work alongside its digital experts on real projects, for real clients. An internship with Accenture Digital offers ambitious and passionate professionals the opportunity to experience consulting backed by the significant experience and expertise of Accenture’s international team.

Visit our website to check out the business scenarios our Accenture Digital leaders have put together. Watch the scenarios, choose one that suits you, then register your entry. Be as innovative or as creative in you wish, this is your chance to launch your career.

Want to know more? Register now for the Digital Revolution challenge 2015. Applications close 30th September 2014.

To qualify for the Digital Revolution, you must be:

  • Currently studying at an Australian univerisity;
  • An Australian/ New Zealand citizen or an Australian permanent resident;

*Please check out our terms & conditions before applying

Register Now

For more information and to register visit here

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Sydney Leadership Scholarships

by Keiran Passmore , University of Sydney (Australia), Executive Director August 29th, 2014

University of Sydney

At a Glance

  • Leadership development for talented students
  • Annual professional experience placement
  • Business mentor
  • Variety of engineering disciplines offered
  • Project Management and Information Technologies Leadership Scholarship programs also available
  • Total commitment of $72,000 (or $90,000 for combined/ double degree students).

Support our future engineering leaders

The University of Sydney has launched a new Engineering Leadership Scholarship program aimed at developing future engineering leaders. These are the most valuable engineering undergraduate scholarships offered in Australia in terms of financial support and leadership development. They provide talented students with unique development and educational experiences. These include:

  • An annual structured professional experience placement within your organisation*
  • Leadership insights, including working with the Warren Centre’s Chair in Engineering Innovation, and the John Grill Centre for Project Leadership
  • Direct access to a business mentor
  • Online networking forums and regular networking functions, where they can meet with alumni, government and industry leaders.

As an Engineering Leadership Scholarship program partner, you will have a talented student placed with your organisation, where they will learn the skills to thrive in a business environment. You will be able to track your student’s progress and tailor their experiences for each placement, ensuring they can take advantage of the unique opportunities your organisation provides.

Your scholarship recipient will be placed with you for:

  • 6 weeks at the end of first year
  • 8 weeks at the end of second year
  • 10 weeks at the end of third year
  • 10 weeks at the end of fourth year (combined/double degree students only).

Scholarship recipients are also exposed to the latest research and technical advances on campus, and may choose their thesis topic to relate to your industry or area of interest. Using your facilities, engineering supervision or technical materials helps them deepen their real-world knowledge.

As well as participating in the educational experience of your student, you will have the opportunity to meet other talented students, academics, alumni and industry peers at regular events and forums.

Become a program partner today

Support our future engineering leaders.

Contact Keiran Passmore on
T 02 9351 5768
E [email protected]



*this would also be a pre-requisite for meeting the requirements for certain units of study.

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Help us find the best

by Mike Casey June 12th, 2014

We need your help in identifying Australia’s most employable students, and in doing so you can lock in a ticket for the event, and also have full access to these students to market your graduate program.

How can you help?

Well, as an employer you are an expert in judging applications, and therefore we would like to enlist your help by getting you to rank our entrants between 1 and 5 stars. You will not be told who this student is or what university they are from, you simply need to rate them based on their answers to three questions.

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. What makes you a unique Australian student?
  3. What is your greatest achievement while at university?

Top100 Rating

We will randomly display an entry and allow you to rate as many students as you want to. We will then take the average star rating for each student and use that in combination with psychometric testing to determine which students we take through to a panel of judges.

What do you get in return?

  • Well you get a free ticket to an awesome night with great food and wine! If you want to bring a colleague they will simply have to rate our entries too!
  • You will be listed as contributor and your organisation will be listed as a supporter on both the website and awards program.
  • Our top contributors will be awarded with something special :)

Are you keen to get involed?

Let me know your interest and send me any questions you have about the process! [email protected]

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by Kelly
Posted July 4, 2014, 9:06 a.m.

Happy to help Mike!

Peak season and your graduates

by Andrew Purchas May 20th, 2014

Peak Season Graduate Programs

As we all know the Graduate Recruitment space can have its ups and downs and the last couple of years has been no exception with graduate vacancies fluctuating greatly across industries. We get a lot of our insight from the many employers we are lucky enough to work with but as GradConnection has grown over the last 6 years our IT team has been working behind the scenes to make our platform faster and to utilise the large amount of data we have on the graduate population.

After peak season madness we have crunched the numbers from GradConnection to see if we could notice any decline in graduate programs and are happy to say that we have found the number of graduate programs is right up where we were last year:

Australia Graduate Peak Season

Whilst vacancies are down, many companies have been hiring across the peak period with a slight shift towards graduate intakes later on in the year. Make sure that you check out our graduate calendar to see what is going throughout the year and who is currently hiring!

Campaign Demographic Reports

As many of you know, we love stats and we love rerports to show you exactlly how we're performing. With many employers focussed on specific demographics for their graduate recruitment activities we have started to drastically change the way on which we report performance on GradConnection to cater for these requirements. With over 130,000 graduate user accounts currently looking for opportunities, we now collect all information when a logged in graduate clicks on your apply now button to give employers a clearer idea of the graduate talent pool coming through their profiles.

Besides a complete list of every logged in user and their details who clicks the application program on your profile we can offer complete demographic breakdowns such as:

  • Work Rights and Citizenship Status
  • Gender
  • Degree / Discipline
  • Languages Spoken
  • Graduation Date
  • Location
  • University

Graduate Example Demographics

Your account manager will be in the middle of generating a lot of these reports but if you haven’t got yours yet and want this fast tracked along with any specific data to be included just get in touch and we’ll be able to sort it out. :)  

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by Mike Casey May 20th, 2014

We were very excited to see 10 employers use Graduate@ for their careers fairs this year. It was our first year of operation for our free careers fair registration tool and in March we had over 3300 students register their interest at employer stands.

We had employers use Graduate@ on Ipads, Samsung tablets, laptops and even mobile phones.

Graduate@ in action

A big congratulations has to go to Unilever who collected the most stand registrations, with just over 800.

  • UNSW and UTS were the careers fairs with over 400 registrations each
  • Accounting, Marketing and Commerce students registered the most
  • We estimate that IT, Computer Science and Software Engineering had the highest rate of registrations based on our figures vs student numbers.

The most active students at employers stands were from UNSW followed by UTS over 400 registrations coming from each. Accounting, marketing and commerce students where the most common disciplines that registered.

International Use

We are delighted that Orica and Unilever will be using graduate@ in Africa later this year.

We have had a number of international organisations create stands that have nothing to do with the Australian graduate industry and we are looking forward to seeing how they go during their campus events.

Will you use graduate@ for the Vacation Fairs?

We are hoping to double the number of employers using graduate@ for the vacation fairs this year. Its free and you can set it up in a few minutes to be fully branded for your employer brand. All you need to do is go to to get started!

If you have any questions, or would like a demo please get in contact with us :)


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Westpac Group

In the latest graduate recruitment campaign, students get a first-hand look at what their life would be like in the Westpac Group Graduate Program.

The fully responsive website created by Blaze gives a unique look into one of the best graduate programs in the country. Facebook integration provided the opportunity to create an interactive ‘point of view’ video experience of a graduate’s life during one action-packed day in the program.

Scott Deakin, Creative Director at Blaze explains: “The competition for the best graduate talent in Australia is fierce. We put Westpac group at the head of the pack by creating a digital experience that showed all the great things about the program”.

In addition to the video is the graduate program website which is broken down into discipline categories, allowing grads to see where they would fit in and encouraging a wealth of diversity.

Karla Palecek, Talent Brand Manager at Westpac Group added, “We wanted to deliver the best possible user journey. We got there by turning the traditional model on its head and grouping programs a grad is most suited to based on their discipline and interests. Feedback to date has been really positive. People appreciate the clarity and interactive design.”

Casey Aimer, head of digital at Blaze continues: “With a wealth of program roles available, we created a direct path to any relevant programs based on a student’s area of study and what they’re into. This is a uniquely personal approach for the students, one which opens their eyes to a lot more career options that they wouldn’t have preciously considered.” 

The campaign is backed up with other social media strategies including a LinkedIn group where students can talk directly to the talent team and current graduates who are there to answer questions about the Westpac Group graduate program and the application process.

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