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Hello, my name is Krystle and I have recently graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney with a Bachelor of Information Technology on a Co-op Scholarship. During my study abroad semester in the United States of America, I saw the opportunity to apply for GradConnection’s Most Employable Graduate Awards. Even though I was half way across the world, I decided to apply for the Awards to see whether the lessons I learned from university, really prepared me for the “outside” world.


Leading up to the Awards Ceremony in November, there were several rounds to the selection process, including an online application, online assessment for problem solving and ethical behaviour, a video interview, another online assessment for emotional intelligence, an in-person assessment working in pairs as well as in a group, and finally a panel interview. The selection process was very enlightening, as unlike completing online assessments for internships or graduate jobs, GradConnection provided detailed feedback on the results gained, allowing for greater self-awareness and identifying of improvement areas.


The possibility of actually winning the awards seemed like an impossible feat, but I knew once I was named one of the four finalists in the IT category that I had to take the chance and fly home to see if there was even the slightest possibility to take out the title. I arrived back in Sydney the day before the Awards Ceremony, and eagerly participated in the Assessment Centre. Upon completion of the assessment centre, the IT students named in the Top 100 were fortunate enough to be invited to a private company tour of Deloitte, the Award Sponsor. We learnt about the different technology service lines and met with key individuals within the company.


Winning the title of GradConnection’s Most Employable IT Graduate in Australia was a great honour and definitely worth the fourteen hour flight. It has opened many doors, where the winner of each category received a career development package, including one-on-one mentoring. Throughout the selection process itself, it allowed me to meet many IT professionals and made me aware of several job openings.


In February 2015, I will be commencing the Graduate program at Microsoft Australia. 



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Meet Gilda, Australia's Top Arts & Law Student

by Gilda Sorella December 15th, 2014



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I entered the Capgemini Arts & Law category of the Top100 Future Graduates competition after receiving an email saying that it would only take 10 minutes to enter (and it looked like an awesome opportunity)! While this underestimated the length of time of the initial written application process, I was really glad that the first round didn't merely focus on academics or an aptitude test - but rather it gave me the ability to demonstrate my skills by writing about my extra-curricula activities, work and internship experiences and involvement in clubs and societies. After being selected as a top 10 finalist, I prepared for the video interview as I would a face-to-face interview, considering practical experiences that I could use as evidence to support my responses. While I felt a little like a news anchor being filmed and trying to remain poised while looking at my laptop camera, the questions were relatively straightforward and one would expect them in a typical interview - and preparing for this helped me to be prepared for the panel interview in the final round. I feel the video interview stage really helped me to prepare for a face-to-face interview, and I think that reflected in my panel interview at the assessment centre.


The assessment centre itself was a great opportunity to learn about what employers are looking for in graduates, tips on what to ask future employers, a chance to practice being in a real assessment centre and a chance to boost your confidence in dealing with stressful situations! As I prepared for each stage I really had to consider how to market myself and what my 'personal brand' was - and as I learnt more from each round of applications (plus the online webinar to prepare us for the assessment centre) I was able to develop this throughout the competition in a way that was persuasive to the panel. Ultimately I gained a lot of confidence in my skills and abilities, and will feel much more confident next time I apply for a job (and confidence is key to selling yourself!) I also think it's a great honour to have won my category and that will really set my resume apart from the crowds in the future. Finally, the sponsor of my category (Capgemini) invited me to their assessment centre day which I will attent in the near future. 



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Meet Tom, Australia's Top Engineering & Science Student

by Tom Perfrement December 15th, 2014



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It was an incredible honour to win the Arrium Engineering & Science Division of the Nationwide Top 100 Competition. Thank-you to the entire team at GradConnection for facilitating and organizing  a competition on this scale.  An event such as this presents a multitude of benefits to both students and indeed companies who are exposed to some of the most employable students in their field.


I first discovered the Top 100 Competition through your Facebook advertising strategy when a targeted ad appeared on my newsfeed. Since I believed I would be well placed to do well in this competition, coupled with my competitive drive, I started to complete the application required for stage 1 of the competition. As the selection process for the awards was designed to mirror the graduate recruitment process, participating in the competition provided an ideal method by which to experience and practice standard recruitment procedures such as online testing, interviews and assessment centre activities. In addition, I saw the competition as an excellent opportunity to showcase myself to a wide range of leading graduate employers.  Having never experienced an assessment centre or online testing stage previously, I found those components of the process to be the most valuable. Fusion also did a brilliant job in designing the experience to be one in which we could learn about the graduate recruitment process at the assessment centre. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the other finalists who were a diverse group of highly talented and motivated individuals. This is another less tangible benefit to the Top 100 finalists as I am sure that developing connections with these individuals will also lead to opportunities in the future, or at the very least a network of talented friends!


Ultimately, I would put my success in the competition down to ‘balance’. Throughout my life I have developed a multitude of skills through involvement in a number of endeavors be it academic, sporting, work-related or community orientated activities.  In a competitive work environment, skills such as inter-personal awareness, communication, leadership and teamwork are absolutely essential and are developed through the individuals who have been through a multitude of life experiences. In addition to this, industry experience and academic ability are important factors which I was able to demonstrate.


At the awards night I certainly felt privileged in that I had was able to meet graduate recruiters from a diverse range of industries. I spoke with representatives from a large proportion of the companies present and was able to gain insight into company procedures, work culture, and learn details about the graduate program of each company.  Through speaking with SMS consulting, I was encouraged to consider work in a consulting industry which I had previously not considered before. It was interesting to note at the awards night that companies were just as much wanting to promote their company to the students as the other way around.


Since winning the competition, to date, I have experienced a significant amount of media attention. I have been the focus of multiple facebook posts by UNSW, UNSW Engineering and Arrium Mining & Materials and have also been the focus of a number of posts on LinkedIn. My LinkedIn profile has been visited countless times since winning the awards – see attached image.



I have also been the focus of a number of news articles:‘australia’s-most-employable


As I graduate at the end of 2016 and am working full time in 2015 for my two sponsor companies (UNSW Co-op Program) Evoqua Water Technologies and Veolia Water, I have not received any job offers at this stage. However, I have received expressions of interest from a number of companies should I wish to explore opportunities within their business.  I am also grateful for the prestige that this title will bring when I begin the graduate recruitment process, in search for a graduate program commencing work in 2017.


Once again, thank-you to GradConnection and Arrium for this opportunity. Participating in the competition was an invaluable experience and through winning this award I feel empowered to continue aspiring to be a leader of the future.


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Meet Michael, Australia's Top Commerce Student

by Michael Stocks December 15th, 2014



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The Woolworths Business & Commerce Award Category of the Top100 Future Graduates competition was an incredible process to be a part of from day one to finish, testing the presence of attributes that graduate employers want to see in their candidates. I entered not really knowing what quite to expect and was still surprised at how rigorous the testing process was! It's not everyday you put yourself through interviews, group assessment centres, emotional intelligence testing, cognitive ability testing and ethics testing when there isn't a job at the end of the tunnel.


I learned a lot about where my strengths lay as an individual as well as some areas that I still need to hone. While winning the award was an incredibly humbling experience, particularly given the strength of the field, what I learned about myself as a professional was the most valuable part of the whole process. It was also great getting to know the other finalists and find out what they were up to with their lives, it made me feel excited for the future of Australia hearing about some of their plans!


Having a background in startups I entered the awards as a way of testing whether I had the right skill set to work in more established businesses. I've just finished my Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) at the University of Sydney and am currently interning in the marketing team at Google over summer. In 2015 I'm deciding whether to start full time work, do my Honours in marketing, finish my Law degree or maybe travel for a while - we'll see, the Grad Connection Awards has opened a lot of doors that I look forward to exploring over the next few months.


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Meet Christina, Australia's Top Accounting & Finance Student

by Christina Ruiz December 15th, 2014



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Earlier this year I decided to enter the GradConnection Top100 Competition (Westpac Accounting & Finance Category) as part of the Finance & Accounting division. At the time, I saw it as a great opportunity to not only reflect on what I had to offer as a graduate but also to further my recruitment skills. The application process simulated those of other graduate application and included resume submission, unofficial transcripts, psychometric testing and emotional intelligence testing.


I was thrilled when I received a call to say I had been selected as part of the Top 3 in my division and would be heading to Sydney for the final assessment centre and awards night.


Having not been previously involved in an assessment centre I was nervous to say the least. I was fortunate enough to meet Ashley Colman-Bock and Sally-Anne Young on my flight to Sydney to ease the nerves. Chatting with the girls on the way to the hotel made me realize just how strong this competition would be. If I took nothing but spending the day with students as driven and passionate as I away from the trip – it would be worth every minute.


The group activities in the assessment centre saw some great ideas flying around the room regarding our ‘perfect’ graduate program. My groups motto was ‘Fast Track to Success’ and involved similar concepts to most groups. Chatting to not only employers but also fellow candidate during the lunch break was an eye opener to what it was possible to achieve in our mere 20 or so years in this world. The sky was our limit and I feel confident about what the future holds knowing some of these people would be our future leaders.


Behavioral interviews are always intimidating, especially when you have to make a 3-minute pitch about what makes you Australia’s most employable graduate. Whilst a lot of us struggled with the topic, is was a great exercise to reflect on what sets us apart from the next person and what experiences we have succumb in the past few years that may not be industry related but have taught us valuable skills.


A few hours later we were on the balcony of the Museum of Contemporary Art on the Rocks in Sydney, taking in the view of the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. The Awards night was primarily for meeting prospective employers as well as announcing the winner of each division. I was fortunate to take out the Accounting and Finance division of the competition, which was a huge honor. To me, things like my university degree and my world championship medals are an indication of what I have achieved both academically and in my chosen sport. Winning this competition is an acknowledgement of what I have to offer to future employers going forward and something I am very proud of.


Since the awards night I have been lucky enough to accept a Graduate position in the Advisory section at EY. It is a fantastic opportunity and one that wouldn’t have come along without GradConnection Top100 Competition. I am very fortunate to have been part of the whole experience and would encourage everyone to nominate for the years to come.



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GradConnection Wallpaper

Refresh your content before the end of January

Traffic will begin to pick up quite heavily after Australia day on the 26th of January. This is always a catalyst to be the beginning of traffic levels rising and continuing to rise until the peak traffic time in March. Having content ready and applications open in February will increase the amount of traffic you get from us by a large percentage.

Have specific content for different graduates, for example IT graduate profiles on your GradConnection IT profile

Having specific content on your different programs can make a huge difference in your click-through rate. Using IT as an example IT grads will often want to see what technology they'll be working on etc. Going into more detail for specific disciplines can also help, showing the difference between working as a consultant in IT vs being a Programmer can ensure you are covering both possible career paths. We'll be able to provide you the relevant traffic, however making sure your content is relevant and profiles your organisation in the best possible way for each discipline you target can make all the difference.

Provide a calendar of all your events (preferably nationally) (Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum Employers)

If we get all of your events with the below target information:

  • University
  • Degree/s
  • Year of study
  • Location of event
  • Link to register (if this exists)

We'll be able to feed this into our alerts system and promote each event only to the relevant students at each campus. You can view our events calendar here.

Forum session (Gold Plus and Platinum Employers)

Choose a date early will mean you can get your first choice. We recommend running your session on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday between 2 - 4pm. This is usually the most effective time. View past sessions here.

Custom Emails (Platinum Employers)

Custom emails work best for employers who would like to promote to targeted disciplines and for events that are outside of your open and close dates (as our automated alerts system will do this for you). A good example may be to promote opportunities to women in industry and why woman may want to consider working for your organisation.

Front Page Opportunities in Peak Periods

Our front page is the first page that students visit and the busiest page on the site. Being on there during peak times means that you can get in front of students first. A front page presence can increase your traffic from us by as much as 20%. If you've booked a branded banner think about what would be best to promote on our busiest page.

Platinum Banner and/or Gold Plus Tile

For your premium position that's industry specific you have the opportunity to appeal first to a specific set of students relevant to the industry of sponsorship. For the Platinum Banner or the Gold Plus Tile in a industry make sure you make it relevant to the students that will see it. For example view the IT Platinum banner here.

Use our Social Media Channels

We'll be doing this on your behalf through applications being open. However if you have some specific pieces of information you want us to post on our Facebook and Twitter pages send them through and we'll make sure they go out. You can write and link to whatever you like provided it's relevant to students and graduates.

Add Diversity Profiles

Diversity profiles give you the opportunity to speak specifically to students who identify as LGBTI, having a disability, are Aboriginal and/or are Torres Strait Islander, or are women in industry. For example you can view some diversity profiles below -

Graduate @ - Free Careers Fair Registration Tool

Use our free customisable careers fair application to collect students details at all your career events. The data's secure, is 100% yours (it's not shared with any other employers), you can download the data straight away and upload it to your own ATS. Build your own stand here -

If you have a presence in all of the above you are using GradConnection to the full extent. For information on the different package levels visit our employers page here. Please contact us for more information.

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Celebrating Australia’s Top100 Future Graduates

by Mike Casey December 1st, 2014

Celebrating Australia’s Top100 Future Graduates

Top100 Winners with sponsors DBL

Alongside their peers, they've founded thriving businesses. Led hundreds of student societies. Balanced hectic schedules. Scored stellar marks. Played sports on an international level. Some have even worked already in a diverse range of firms such as Woodside, Google, IBM, Pearson, Macquarie Group, Randstad, JP Morgan, PwC and Deloitte already as they clarify their career ambitions.

Yet the one thing they have in common is that they all passed GradConnection and Fusion Graduate Consultancy's very rigorous search with flying colours.

Discover the finalists here

GradConnection’s Inaugural Top100 Awards

Each year, over 200 top graduate employers rely on GradConnection's marketing platform to attract the high calibre graduates their businesses need to grow. They've always been keen to discover who the top students entering their industry are, so they can recruit them first. For them, employability is about so much more than just academic results - it's also about the leadership, volunteering, sports, travel and work experiences students pick up during their degrees. The Top100 was created to satisfy this need.

Which is why we decided to partner up with Paula Gepp and the team at Fusion Graduate Consultancy to design a robust selection process for the Awards. Fusion’s unique recruitment, profiling and development capabilities, along with Paula’s passion about improving the relationship between graduates and prospective employers really shone through. Fusion’s insight was invaluable at every stage of the process.

Through a combination of Written Applications by ReadyGrad, Online Testing by Revelian, Video Interviewing by Vieple, Assessment Centres by Fusion, and prizes by Development Beyond Learning we whittled the list down to the final Top100, who we recognised at the Top100 Awards Gala Dinner.

The Top100 Awards Gala Dinner

The Top100 Awards Gala Dinner

Held within the swanky surrounds of Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art, the Awards Dinner was a prestigious affair attended by over 150 guests. After drinks on the balcony with a breathtaking view of Sydney Harbour, the ceremony was commenced by our MC Tim Maddrens of Hi-5 and the Rocky Horror Show fame.

In between servings of the delicious dinner of sugar cured salmon, Cape Grim beef fillet, organic chicken pave, hazelnut torte and freely flowing wine we enjoyed the presentation of the Awards by our valued employer and recruitment supplier sponsors.

Check out the rest of the photos

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Graduate Recruitment Consultant - Contract opportunity - Sydney based

by Dave Jenkins , GradConnection South Africa (South Africa), Director September 29th, 2014

Graduate Recruitment Consultant - Contract opportunity – Sydney based

  • Varied, challenging and rewarding opportunity
  • Ideal for someone passionate about Graduate/Campus Recruitment!

Graduate Recruitment Consultant, Australia and New Zealand – 6 - 12 months contract initially, with opportunities for a longer term role.

About the role

This role will report into the Graduate Recruitment Lead and be responsible for:

  • managing graduate and summer internship recruitment campaigns for select business groups across ANZ;
  • advising on best practice and managing the selection process for these groups and assisting with interviewing as required;
  • representing Macquarie and presenting at on and off site events, at times involving interstate travel;
  • providing input into and creating graduate advertising, marketing collateral and campus events/initiatives;
  • developing and promoting our brand on campus;
  • collating market data to ensure approach to campus recruitment is competitive, and align to overall strategy;
  • contributing to continuous improvement of the graduate process and provide reporting activity;
  • maintaining the highest possible level of 'candidate care' by responding to candidates in a timely and professional manner;
  • managing our involvement with various university placement programs;
  • assisting with on-boarding activities for graduate and intern cohorts.

About you

  • Genuinely interested in, and passionate about graduate recruitment
  • Experience in the development of hiring strategies and the execution of high volume graduate and intern recruitment campaigns
  • Knowledge of recruitment marketing and sourcing strategies in the junior talent market including the use of digital mediums eg. LinkedIn
  • Ability to build effective relationships across business groups and other HR teams locally and globally
  • Exceptional presentation and facilitation skills
  • Strong organisational and time management skills with a demonstrated track record of managing multiple priorities and deadlines
  • An ability to work autonomously and self manage the successful delivery of graduate and intern recruitment.

About us

The Graduate Recruitment Team sits within the Human Resources Division of the Corporate Operations Group at Macquarie. The team is responsible for the development and execution of regional graduate and summer intern attraction strategies, including organising events, developing marketing collateral and building effective relationships with key university contacts and business stakeholders. The team are driven to utilise various attraction and selection processes across business groups to source the best junior talent in the market.

Find out more about Macquarie careers at

For further information about this opportunity please contact Sophie Newton on (02) 8237 8839.

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A common question which we always get asked is “How do I measure where my traffic and applications are coming from?”. Even though all suppliers should be able to provide comprehensive performance reports, it's always a good idea to have your own source of information when you are evaluating how effective certain 3rd parties are. 

This post aims to walk you through one of the main ways you can easily set up tracking for each of your traffic sources and best of all, it's free! By the end of this post you will be able to provide a unique tracking link to each website where you get your applicants from (such as GradConnection) and everytime a student clicks through from a certain website you will be able to see this in real time. The free tool below will you step you through how to set this up yourself so you can make sure you're 1 step ahead of the game.

How to create tracked links


  • Go to Bitly and create and sign up for an account (it’s free!)

  • Take your application link (e.g. and paste it into the link shortner.
  • Once bitly has created a unique tracked link you can copy and provide this to one application source such as GradConnection. It’s important that you only give this link to one supplier to make sure the data is remains accurate

  • Congratulations! You've just created your first tracked link!
  • If you want a new link for a different application source, just repeat steps 2, 3 as many times as you need.
  • From this point on, when an applicant clicks through from a particular traffic source bitly will display the traffic from each one below along with many more useful insights. 

One thing to keep in mind is that it is rare for these to match up exactly across all reports due things like technology constraints and other impacts outside of your control but they should all be very similar despite a small variance.

If you have any questions about setting this up yourself, we'll be happy to help so just get in touch with your account manager to get this under way!

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Who is stealing all your Graduates?

by Mike Casey September 14th, 2014

Our employer branding rivals are often not nearly as obvious as you would think. Who is lurking in the corner convincing great students to apply to them and then snatching them from you at the last possible moment?

We have been doing a lot of analysis around this exact topic and have come up with some really interesting data that will make you think twice about how you pitch your employer brand to students.

We can now tell you exactly who your major competitors are, by showing you which organisations your applicants also applied.

Competitor Analysis

EmployerPercent age of Applications Shared
Aurecon (Australia) 48
BHP Billiton (Australia) 36
BP (Australia) 33
Deloitte (Australia) 26
KPMG (Australia) 26
Anglo American Coal (Australia) 26
Chevron (Australia) 26
Woodside (Australia) 24
Arrium (Australia) 24
Wood Mackenzie (Australia) 22
Suncorp Group (Australia) 20
PwC (Australia) 17
Unilever (Australia) 17
Worley Parsons (Australia) 14
Origin (Australia) 13
KBR (Australia) 13

The table above is our competitor analysis of a medium sized graduate program in the resources industry. What we can see is that nearly half of all the people that applied to this employer also applied to Aurecon!

But what is the real surprise is that professional services firms like KPMG and Deloitte are also sharing a quarter of this resource company’s applications. This would tend to indicate that their employer brand is really starting to target engineering disciplines effectively and that this employer not only should be pitching their employer brand against other engineering and mining companies, but also looking at what is attractive about these non-traditional engineering employers.

Employers - want your report?

Easy! Just contact us and we will get you a full report with a number of stats on your applications from us, and who your own competitor analysis.

Universities - want your report?

Contact us to find out what employers are the most popular employers for your students, broken down by discipline. This data can help you figure out who you should target to come to campus frequently.

National Rankings!

At the AAGE conference this year we will be doing our presentation on exactly what employers performed best for each discipline on both a national and state basis, so make sure you come along and check it out and see where you sit amongst the competition.

There will also be a quiz with some great prizes to those who can pick the best performing employer brands this year.

If you can’t wait until then, please hit us up now and we can tell you exactly where you sat out of the 200 employers on our site in each discipline you target.

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