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December 19th, 2016
Big Meet

GradConnection is proud to be an Event Partner for The Big Meet careers fairs in 2017.

The Big Meet is a one-day careers fair which is promoted to all students from all universities in the host city. All Big Meet events are organised by the Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE). The venues and dates for 2017 are:

•   Perth: Friday 3rd March, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

•   Melbourne: Friday 10th March, Palladium at Crown, Southbank

•   Adelaide: Tuesday 14th March, Adelaide Convention Centre

•   Sydney: Friday 17th March, International Convention Centre Sydney, Darling Harbour

•   Brisbane: Friday 24th March, Sofitel Brisbane Central

If you would like to exhibit at one or more of these events please visit  or email [email protected].

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Posted Jan. 4, 2017, 9:45 a.m.

Good Morning

My name is Cassandra Francis and yes this will be my first big meet and will be attending in Brisbane on 24 March 2017. I am looking forward to meeting new people and networking to enhance my learning and growth, as well as meet interesting people.

GradConnection welcomes Georgina Hardy!

Posted by Reshan Perera

December 19th, 2016

GradConnection would like to give a big welcome to its newest member Georgina Hardy.

Coming from a career as a Communications Consultant in Australia and London, Georgina brings a fresh perspective to the diverse GradConnection team.

GradConnection is growing the Sydney crew to ramp up for a big 2017. As you may have already heard, we're kicking off  the new year with the launch of our new website. The digital face lift will integrate some major industry and education partnerships - stay tuned to find out more.

Without many weeks to go until next year is upon us Georgina is jumping right into projects and you may have already met her at some of our Christmas client events. 

Georgina will be working with many of GradConnections current and future employers of Australian Graduates as a National Account Manager, based in Sydney.

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December 12th, 2016

GradConnection chats to Grad App about their cleverly designed app, how it started, their involvement in the Top100 and what makes them a leading graduate-specific application tracking system

Grad App 

What exactly is Grad App?

Grad App is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which gives your applicants a seamless, fully branded and customised experience from application form to offer. For you and your business it provides quick, user friendly access to real time application and recruitment data via our unique live dashboards. It is Australia’s first graduate specific ATS designed to improve accuracy and save huge amounts of grad managers time.

When and why did Grad App start?

About 5 years ago we saw (and heard!) a lot of frustration in the graduate market due to the high cost of recruitment systems and often their inability to be flexible with customisation and functionality specific to the unique needs of the Graduate Market. Using our combined knowledge of the recruitment, design, software development and the Graduate Industry, we saw an opportunity to build something that truly has a positive impact. So, we developed a web app that is customised to fit your needs, is cost effective, capable of saving you time and has the ability to report in real time, all whilst showcasing your brand (not ours!).

No doubt we needed Grad App... but what drove you to become involved with the Top100 Graduate Employer and Future Leader Awards?

Grad App is committed and focused to the Graduate market, with a special interest in the development and recognition of high potential Graduates. We believed Grad App could help find and process the best applicants, give Fusion (the recruiter) the most effective and user-friendly system experience and of course, what better medium to connect talented students with top employers than the Top 100 Future Leaders Competition?!

What makes Grad App a leading graduate-specific application tracking system (ATS)?

We’ve designed this system with YOU in mind. We know and understand your needs and frustrations and want to bring you a cost effective, user friendly and highly capable solution. We are the most agile ATS on the market today. Because we are not constrained by an outdated system/integration we are able to develop features and provide them to market very quickly. We can do this while also providing a very high level of data security which is why our client base stretches from small start-ups to top level businesses and government departments. The uptake of the product has been incredible.

We love the look and feel of the app, what was your thinking around the design and functionality?

Our aim when we designed Grad App was to ensure we were user friendly for both the applicant and the Employer. This aim remains at the forefront of our vision as we continually drive towards a completely intuitive interface. Our training with most new clients is now down to less than an hour due to the ease of use and practical, logical and intuitive system design.

If you could have any famous person promote your system who would it be?

Liam (or Chris!) Hemsworth – because he’s Australian made, easy on the eye and sexy, just like Grad App!

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Posted by Nikki Barnard

December 12th, 2016

GradConnection catches up with Vieple about the ins and outs of video interviewing, who they are and what inspires them, as well as their involvement in the Top100 Graduate Employer and Future Leader Awards

In order to explain what video interviewing is all about, what better way than to create a video? GradConnection sat down to ask Vieple a few questions which they then responded via video.

Check it out and see what they had to say:

Vieple has been excited to be involved in the Top 100 for the third year in a row. The Vieple online video interviewing platform allows HR professionals 24/7 access to setting up and running video interviews, with access worldwide and with ease.

This year we have seen a huge increase in interest in the Top 100 awards with 701 students being invited to participate in an online interview process, that’s an increase of 35% from last year. The students also love the ease in which to complete the video interviews in their own time and place, with an 86% completion rate and over 10% completing the videos using a mobile device.

For more information about Vieple please click here.

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Posted by Nikki Barnard

December 2nd, 2016

When it comes to graduate programmes, a clear and well thought out graduate attraction strategy will be what sets you apart from the rest, as you position your company as the employer of choice

In order to select the top graduates, you need to attract them first. Here are a few things to bear in mind when putting together your attraction strategy:


Attracting the right candidate for your graduate recruitment program is usually determined by the old “what you put in is usually what you get out” cliché’. This certainly rings true for graduate recruitment, as the more effort you as an organisation put into your attraction strategy the greater the calibre of student you will be able to select from.

In order to do this, you need to define your student target group and understand what matters to them. Times have changed and the work environment is constantly evolving. Young graduates know what they want and what is important to them and as such, graduate programs need to be clear on a few things:

  • work-life balance
  • challenging and stimulating work
  • international opportunities
  • opportunities for advancements
  • learning and development prospects
  • clear goals and regular feedback
  • compensation and benefits

How I hear you say? Be a professional stalker. Think about the person you (ideally) would like to work for your organisation, then be specific about what you can offer and how that would matter to them. The other vital step is to identify your channels and providers - the key is quality over quantity.


Gearing your yourself up to showcase your organisation is the next fundamental cog in the proverbial graduate attraction wheel. In order to do this, you need to get online and make your company known.

Students in their exploratory stages may be aware of your company, but not necessarily of your employer brand or employee value position (EVP). Help them picture you as their employer, by showcasing your organisation and your job opportunities. It is helpful to bear in mind that strong employer brands spend less time and resources on hiring, and have better employee retention and increased productivity.

The bottom line, when showcasing your company, comes down to authenticity. Communicate your company, its culture, values and benefits. Don't forget your uniqueness is what will set you apart from the rest.


Like attracts like - if you are wanting to select the top graduates for your organisation then you need to be top employers and be ready for them. Stay current and ahead by:

  • Setting clear targets for your attraction campaigns - Determine the criteria for a successful campaign such as better calibre of students, shorter screening times, higher offer-to-acceptance ratio, and increased awareness of employer brand. Having clear goals up front will determine the success and return on investment (ROI) of your attraction campaign.
  • Consistently measuring your progress and adjusting it if you need to - Keep your eye on the analytics and readjust your content or channels if needed. In an ever-evolving market, where young graduates are at the forefront, you need to keep up and be willing to move along with it.
  • Remembering to celebrate and acknowledge your successes - Don’t be shy… go on brag! Be proud of your organisation and let others know how you feel. Remember that the most powerful form of marketing is word of mouth, so get people talking.

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University eSports League

Posted by Nikki Barnard

November 21st, 2016

University eSports League

Introducing, the University eSports League (UEL)!

Following on from the blog post about how so many students find their way into IT, we are pleased to announce the University eSports League, brought to you by GradConnection and IAG!   The UEL is the latest, newest and coolest IT attraction event Australia has seen, so if you have a focus on finding the right IT students or have an interest in providing a gateway for more people to choose technology as a career, check this out.

eSports 101

Firstly, before we get into the details you are probably asking what exactly is eSports? In recent years, computer games have gone from a mere hobby and pastime to becoming one of the biggest businesses in the world, where audiences are now tuning in around the globe to watch people play competitive computer games. In the same way we are used to watching traditional sports, computer games have become a spectator sport enjoyed by millions.

To put this in perspective, 6.5 million watched the 2016 AFL Grand Final. The 2016 League of Legends Grand Final had 36 million viewers, which was up 16 million from last year. However, League of Legends is just one of many popular computer games, with others also drawing audiences in the millions.

If you want to check out the scale of these events, take a look at the video below:

How it starts

Many children start gaming from a young age. From iPads to Game Boys and eventually graduating to Playstations and full blown gaming PC’s, making technology a very comfortable addition to their lives. So when it comes down to what path they should choose for their career, IT is generally the number one option on the list. To find out more about this pathway - check out the full write up here.

What is the UEL?

The University eSports League is a nationwide eSports tournament for students right across the country and has just kicked off with our first partners jumping on board - IAG, PwC and Telstra who have a focus not only on attracting IT students, but also providing a strong avenue for more people to discover and choose a technology related career.

Streamed live and online for thousands to see, students will be battling their way through online tournaments, supported by our partner companies, for audiences around the country to tune in and watch.

Those students and teams who come out victorious will be flown to Sydney for an unforgettable grand final at our purpose built eSports arena. Streamed live and online via sites like, for a large viewer base, this event will be open to all university students, IT and gaming societies to attend and cheer on their teams.

University eSports League

The UEL is the latest and greatest attraction event for technology related students, where companies can take notice of them doing something they have a genuine interest in. Beats a resume workshop any day!

Why should I be involved?

The UEL is a chance not only to interact with technology students in a relevant, comfortable and genuine way but also provide a strong gateway for students to discover technology as a possible career. All the while, tackling the under supply of IT graduates which is something that we can’t do alone.

The UEL will help position your company as innovators in this exciting, new space as well as understanding and supporting something that these students are extremely passionate about. Through GradConnection’s marketing channels, relevant IT, computer science and gaming societies (with a current member base of 40,000) UEL sponsors will receive some of the most widespread yet highly targeted student reach possible. The UEL is not to be missed and will no doubt grow year on year into one of the largest events the Australian graduate and eSports industries have seen.

There are options available for every budget, all of whom will receive significant coverage. To get involved, contact [email protected] for more detailed information, full stats about the industry as well as the various of ways you can get involved and support these students.

A big thanks to our first partners, IAG, Telstra and PwC as well as the game developers themselves, Blizzard and our global eSports partner ESL, for helping make this a reality.

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November 14th, 2016

The 2016 AAGE Conference has been and gone and what a whirlwind of excitement, innovation and learning it was!


GradConnection has attended the AAGE for nine years now and in that time 2016 has been by far the busiest we have seen it. We are yet to receive the final figures but unofficially it seems that this was the most successful conference by attendance in recent years.

So from our experience at the conference, here are GradConnection’s three key points that you should take away from this year’s conference:

  • 1. Innovation and reinvention can bring your program to life

One of the stand out winners from the 2016 Australian Graduate Industry Awards this year was Australia Post, taking home three of the night's awards including Most Popular Graduate Recruitment Video, Most Popular Integrated Marketing Campaign and the Will Spensley Memorial Award for Innovation in the Graduate Market.

Innovation and reinvention were key to the success of Australia Post’s rebranding campaign. Coming from a brand that was considered slow moving and within a declining industry to a cutting edge program that boasts agility and innovation as it’s core values was no small feat. It is a testament to Australia Post that they were able to turn their brand around so quickly and re-establish themselves in the market as an employer of choice. It goes to show that you don’t always need big budgets and endless resources to be able to make real changes happen!

  • 2. Social media is a rising phenomena but is it all it’s cracked up to be?

One of the biggest trends that we as a company have witnessed over the past 12 months is the increasing interest in using social media as a part of your graduate attraction strategy. It was for this reason that we centered our presentation at the AAGE on this topic.

The overarching message with regards to social media is threefold:

  1. Do it right or not at all - Graduates see the amount of effort you put into your social media channels as a reflection of how much effort the company puts into their graduate program. Only posting once a month on Facebook? Students think that the graduate program isn’t valued by the company.
  2. Each social media has a defined purpose - Make sure you use each channel for the correct purpose to generate the most value. Facebook is best used for updating students on information such as key application dates, campus events, profiling graduates while Instagram is more of a cultural branding tool.
  3. Social media will only directly contribute to a small number of applications and hires - While social media is fun and exciting, students are still not finding it a useful source for information about graduate programs. We saw this confirmed through the AAGE Candidate Survey 2016. We see this happen with our own site. GradConnection has 30,000 followers on Facebook but this only contributes to approx 5% of our overall traffic. The majority of our traffic comes from Google and emails.
  • 3. The Australian graduate landscape is improving

If the attendance at the AAGE conference is any indication, the graduate landscape is improving with more vacancies opening up (per employer) and more new employers joining the graduate market. The median vacancies per employer are the highest it’s been in three years and the second highest it’s been in over 10 years.

This is exciting for students with more opportunities for them to explore at the tail end of their academic careers, however with this improvement also comes increased competition for employers. An improving market means that you will have to compete with more employers for top talent, so it’s more important than ever to ensure that your attraction strategy is comprehensive and will work hard for you in bringing in the best pool of candidates for you to then select from.

Those are GradConnection’s top three take away points from the 2016 AAGE conference. If you have any questions regarding the above or the market in general or if you would like a copy of our slides from our presentation on social media at the AAGE please feel free to email me on [email protected].

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November 8th, 2016

Launching in January 2017, the new website brings together all the vital elements that make up our GradConnection ecosystem – students, universities and employers

As the end of the year gets closer, so does the launch of our new website - GC5! To date, we’ve had four iterations of the GradConnection website and with the development of GradConnection Campus, the international student job platform, we are long overdue for the next big improvement which is set to launch at the start of 2017, perfectly timed for the busy, new recruitment season.

GC5 is bringing in some long theorised elements which are going to be of benefit to all three parts of our important ecosystem - students, universities and employers. With so much to cover, however, we are only going to take a sneak peek at the university space for now. The university community has given us so much over the last few years, we are pleased to announce that we are now able to give something back. Merging all the great ideas that you have discussed with us at events such as the Top100, industry networking, careers fairs or even at 3am in an underground wine bar.

What the universities need to know

Available to our partnered universities, GC5 has the following features in the works:

  • Your own university profiles - Take ownership of your space on GradConnection where you are able to feature your careers service and all the great things you are doing - from the various ways to help prepare students through to your own events with industry connections.
  • Re-engage with students – Connect with your students on a daily basis. We get asked for help by students for a variety of topics that we just are not equipped to deal with, from general help through to mock assessments. When students are identified as needing help through our employability processing engine, we can redirect and connect them with the right touch points on your careers centre.
  • Employment outcomes - When we identify students who may have got a job our automated processes collect where and then stop all email correspondence. If they do not respond to our online processes, we then call them and close the loop that way. All this valuable data will be available to your careers office and other university stakeholders.
  • Utilise our email database - GradConnection has 200 000 students registered in Australia and as they hunt for jobs our email correspondence, which creates a daily summary, becomes of great value to them as it is full of relevant opportunities which will assist them as they begin their entry into the job market. Have employers on campus? Events? Workshops? Program these into the GradConnection database and have a specific channel to reach your students.
  • Customise our communications - With millions of emails being sent through the GradConnection platform, we can tailor exactly what your students see. Every email sent to your students, beyond events and other updates, can provide strong links back to your careers centre to help them re-engage and discover all the resources you have available to them.

Some of you will have already spoken to us and may have even helped in shaping the site, but if you want to know more and how you can take part, just get in touch: Andrew Purchas ([email protected]) Education and Employment Manager at GradConnection

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November 8th, 2016

GradConnection lists the country’s leading universities based on the Top100 Future Leaders for 2017


With the Top100 Future Leaders for 2017 now finalised, GradConnection sat down to find out which universities they come from. Interestingly, this list does not necessarily correlate to tables such as the QS Rankings as students’ employability skills are becoming more important than ever.

Last year’s results we saw some universities who, based on traditional rankings, did better than expected with the highest number of finalists showing that employers are now looking at the employability skills of students rather than solely universities and credentials.

Bridging the gap between universities and employers

As student numbers continue to rise, both domestically and internationally, securing employment after graduation is proving to be more and more competitive.

It is becoming increasingly important for universities to equip their students practically and not merely academically so that once they have graduated, they have all the necessary skills as well as the knowledge required.

In order to close the gap between education and employment, it is vital for relationships to develop between universities and employers. Both universities and employers have the same end goal as they both look to match top graduates with leading employers.

It is therefore in everyone’s best interest to work together to enhance student success after graduation through improved employment outcomes. And the only way of doing that is to forge strong relationships between the countries universities and employers.

Events such as the Top100 Graduates Employers and Future Leaders Awards is an ideal platform to showcase your university to employers and network directly with the largest employers in Australia.

The Top100 Future Leaders 2017

Voted by Australia’s leading employers, the aim of the competition is to find the most employable students across the country. Designed to emulate the typical recruitment process that students undergo when applying for a graduate program including; online applications through GradApp, psychometric testing using Revelian, video interviews by Fusion Graduate Consultancy and for the final Top100, an assessment center.

Students participate in an actual assessment center, conducted by Fusion Graduate Consultancy, where they are assessed and judged directly by some of the country’s leading employers. We believe that this is the only event to cover the entire graduate ecosystem bringing students, employers, and universities together.


Based on the number of Top100 students per university
University of Sydney 12
University of Technology, Sydney 11
University of Melbourne 9
University of New South Wales 9
University of Queensland 8
University of Wollongong 7
University of Western Australia 6
Curtin University of Technology 5
The Univeristy of Adelaide 4
Monash University 4
Griffith University 4
University of South Australia 3
Deakin University 2
Macquarie University 2
Queensland University of Technology 2
RMIT University 3
University of Newcastle 2
Flinders 2
Australian National University 1
Bond University 1
Edith Cowan University 1
La Trobe University 1
Victoria University 1

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November 8th, 2016

Showcase your universities to the leading employers, students, and Australia by getting involved and making your mark at the 2017 Top100 Awards

With the Top100 Future Leaders and Graduate Employers list now finalised, there is no better time to secure your spot and get involved in the prestigious awards event scheduled for February 2017.

The purpose of the awards night is to bring the major stakeholders of Australia’s graduate recruitment industry together to celebrate the country’s top employers, students, and their universities. The only one of its kind, the event covers the entire graduate ecosystem bringing students, employers, and universities together.

GradConnection will be announcing the complete Top100 lists, in partnership with the Australian Financial Review (AFR), which are more competitive than ever this year. As employers and students from universities around the country are making their mark and setting themselves apart from the rest.


Showcase your universities to employers, students and Australia with following options: Become and official Top100 supporter: Partner with GradConnection to help cover the costs of having your students attend and in return receive branding and additional exposure online through our variety of channels as well as the awards evening itself.

Custom sponsorship: Push the boundaries and have us accommodate your own ideas to be involved. Get in touch and we can help you achieve your own unique goals with the Top100 and Future Leader Awards. If you're stuck, just get in touch as we have some ways to really stand out to employers in 2017

Sponsor an employer award: Build stronger ties and gain exposure in front of future industry partners.

Coverage in AFR: Showcase your university's success in the AFR, pre, during and post-event via print and digital channels.

Looking to make their first career move as they complete their final year of studying, the Top100 Future Leaders will have the opportunity to meet and engage with the country’s leading employers.


Particularly significant for Chancellors and Deans , by simply attending you will be supporting your students and have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the largest employers in Australia.

Tickets - $300 Ex GST
Table for 10 - $2500 Ex GST

Employers taking part in this event realise the importance of interacting with universities as well as students and as a result, have sponsored every single one of the Future Leaders categories. These options are available for you to do the same and interact in a way which suits your university and its goals.

Book your seat now! Last year was an at-capacity event at the Ivy Ballroom in Sydney. Tickets and tables are now available to book so make sure you secure your spot amongst Australia's largest employers, top students, and universities now.

To find out more about getting involved as well as sponsorship opportunities, please contact Andrew Purchas, Education and Employment Manager at GradConnection ([email protected]) or click here for more information.

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