2016 Early bird discounts are here!

Posted by Resh Perera

It’s always hard to believe another year has gone by. But it’s that time again, early bird discounts are here!

Discount for you

We are offering a 10% discount for those of you who are ready to book in your package for your next campaign. But make sure you get in quick because these prices will expire on Thu 30 Jun.

To book in your next campaign at early bird prices, please contact your Account Manager.

Campaign reporting

Did you know we also provide a wide array of campaign reporting? Below are a few of the different reports we are able to generate for you to determine the performance of your campaign.

  • Pageview Report – the number of times users viewed your profile on GradConnection
  • Application Click Report – the number of times users clicked through to apply to your program from GradConnection 
  • Demographic Report – a breakdown of the registered users who clicked through to apply to your program including the registered users’ universities, gender, disciplines and a competitor analysis

We can produce any of these reports on request so please ask your Account Manager any reports you require.


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