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Posted by Isabel Wilkinson


5 Ways You Can Delight Gen Z Grads for a Positive Candidate Experience

The first lot of Gen Z will soon be graduating from university and applying for graduate programs. Will you be adapting your recruitment process to maximise your impact on these digital natives? 

Here are a few things to help make your recruitment process a more enjoyable, Gen Z-friendly experience:

1. Short and simple application forms

The Centre for Generational Kinetics found more than 60% of Gen Z think the job application should take less than 15 minutes. Although it can be tempting to include all the things to help screen out unsuitable candidates, the challenge with Gen Z is first getting them to apply. So, for added incentive, try making the initial application form quick and easy . 

2. Frequent communication

Gen Z like to know you care, so aim for prompt responses and transparency throughout recruitment. Let’s face it, no one enjoys being kept in the dark during a job application! But Gen Z grads will see a lack of clear and open communication as a poor brand experience and potentially turn them off working with your organisation. If graduates reneging on offers is common for your program, then poor communication might be a cause. 

3. Engaging and interactive assessments

Gen Z are tech natives, having grown up with smart phones and AI devices, and will expect a seamless digital experience. We’re seeing an explosion in games-based recruitment tech, which benefits both recruiters (accuracy and efficiency) and the candidates who get to complete a fun and interactive test! However, as this tech is new and evolving it’s important, you’re transparent about its role in your process, and open to providing feedback.

4. Speed and efficiency

Gen Z are used to accessing information the instant they need it. They don’t have the patience to wait for answers or updates and may assume no news is bad news. You don’t want that. Ensure your recruitment process (applications, testing, interviews, assessment centres) is well planned and executed in a timely manner and communication throughout is frequent and consistent. If it takes too long to finalise your offers, you may find Gen Z will ditch their application and sign on with your more efficient competitor instead. 

5. Mobile-optimised and personalised

This is the generation that happily trades personal information for more personalised online experiences. A personalised recruitment process makes for a more enjoyable candidate experience and may even enhance their engagement with your employer brand. This is more than a simple mail-merge; consider ways to give candidates more choice and control, like with automated scheduling, AI-enabled virtual hiring assistants, and on-demand interviews. 

Also, review your careers site to ensure it’s mobile-friendly, fast-loading, and seamless to navigate.

Your candidate experience affects your brand

This generation of grads will stop doing business with a company if they have a poor candidate experience. They’re also more likely to leave a negative review. So, it really is important you get your recruitment experience right to retain long-term brand engagement. 

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