How Clubs and Organisations Can Benefit Your Job Prospects

Posted by Devina Tarin

benefits of clubs and organisations

Whether you have just graduated or you are in your last years and building your resume, getting involved and being a part of a club, or even the president of a club can boost your chances with your future job prospects. During your job search, no matter what kind of job you are looking for, they will require you to show your skills and abilities that are beyond academic achievements. Adding the clubs and organisations you were involved in to your resume gives you a competitive advantage when job searching. 

Get involved

Your involvement in clubs and organisations allows you to develop skills that can be used in a real working environment. Your resume may be able to highlight these skills to grab the attention of potential employers. There are a variety of skills and qualities that you are able pick up from the clubs and organisations such as1:

  • Time management
  • Organisation
  • Leadership
  • Project management
  • Employee management
  • Book-keeping / budget
  • Problem-solving
  • People skills
  • Writing and reporting skills
  • Communication skills
  • Experience in office-simulated environment 

Join Clubs

These skills that you may receive and develop can be used as an advantage on your resume. Clubs that you may be able to include into your resume could include:

  • Volunteer clubs;
  • By including volunteer clubs and organisations, employers are able to directly see your character and work etiquette around the workplace
  • Sports clubs and;
  • Including sports clubs could highlight your skills of leading and team work on your resume
  • Professional clubs
  • Professional clubs and organisations are the most beneficial to your resume as they put you into a space that reflects the type of work that you may be working with in your future career

Soft skill traits

Not only does extra-curricular activities allow you to develop soft skills, it also develops your character and work etiquette. These kinds of traits appeal to employers and allows you to have the benefit of becoming a higher potential. These traits show that you are able:

  • Be committed
  • Prioritise and meet deadlines
  • Multi-task
  • Network

Reasons for joining a network

Not only do clubs and organisations provide opportunities to be social, there are a few main reasons to why you should join clubs and organisations that also help you in your resume and also in becoming a potential employee. As mentioned, clubs and organisations allow you to3:

  • Create a Network
  • Networking is an important factor in job searching and through clubs and organisations, you are able to build your network with the people within the club and even small connections with similar clubs. Not only will you find students and professionals with similar interest, you have to opportunity to take information and resources from them that can help you in your future career.
  • Gain Professional and Practical Experience
  • Organisations and clubs that lean towards the professional side also exist and these clubs are able to give you a professional-like environment and experience that you may be able to find and apply to your future career.
    Participating in clubs and organisations also gives the opportunity for you to get the practical experience that you may want in an environment that is safe. You are able to use your skills that you have learnt and apply them within the club that could help build your potential and gives you the space to improve before moving to a real work environment.
  • Gain Leadership, Organisation and Management skills
  • As mentioned, clubs and organisations allows you to develop skills in an environment that you’re comfortable with. This can also allow you to establish your abilities and apply them through various activities.
    Joining clubs and organisations that are also related to your major and course allows you to get that extra experience that you may need as well as develop your skills even more so. Taking the role of a leader can also be of great benefit while applying for jobs as they will reflect your behaviour. Leadership positions are important to highlight in your resume as employers would be looking for candidates that are able to have the traits of a leader.

What is important with involving yourself in clubs and organisations is that it gives you the opportunity to expand and broaden achievements in your resume other than having academic achievements. The activities that you have participated in would benefit you and give you the advantage of having done more experience than other competitors. Not only do you receive skills and experience from being involved, you are also giving back. Many organisations and clubs hold events and provide acts of service that allows you to give back to the community while getting that experience.

Although joining a club or organisation may take extra time and require some sacrifice, it has a lot offer and will help make your resume shine amongst the crowd; the more involved you are with your club, the better it will look on your resume. Through your participation and involvement, it is able to showcase your character and skills. The results of joining and participating in clubs and organisations will help you in the long run and benefit you in your future career and job searches.

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