Peak season and your graduates

Posted by Andrew Purchas

Peak Season Graduate Programs

As we all know the Graduate Recruitment space can have its ups and downs and the last couple of years has been no exception with graduate vacancies fluctuating greatly across industries. We get a lot of our insight from the many employers we are lucky enough to work with but as GradConnection has grown over the last 6 years our IT team has been working behind the scenes to make our platform faster and to utilise the large amount of data we have on the graduate population.

After peak season madness we have crunched the numbers from GradConnection to see if we could notice any decline in graduate programs and are happy to say that we have found the number of graduate programs is right up where we were last year:

Australia Graduate Peak Season

Whilst vacancies are down, many companies have been hiring across the peak period with a slight shift towards graduate intakes later on in the year. Make sure that you check out our graduate calendar to see what is going throughout the year and who is currently hiring!

Campaign Demographic Reports

As many of you know, we love stats and we love rerports to show you exactlly how we're performing. With many employers focussed on specific demographics for their graduate recruitment activities we have started to drastically change the way on which we report performance on GradConnection to cater for these requirements. With over 130,000 graduate user accounts currently looking for opportunities, we now collect all information when a logged in graduate clicks on your apply now button to give employers a clearer idea of the graduate talent pool coming through their profiles.

Besides a complete list of every logged in user and their details who clicks the application program on your profile we can offer complete demographic breakdowns such as:

  • Work Rights and Citizenship Status
  • Gender
  • Degree / Discipline
  • Languages Spoken
  • Graduation Date
  • Location
  • University

Graduate Example Demographics

Your account manager will be in the middle of generating a lot of these reports but if you haven’t got yours yet and want this fast tracked along with any specific data to be included just get in touch and we’ll be able to sort it out. :)  


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