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Our Structure

The ACTPS is located across the ACT in many work locations. Our core business is to implement the ACT Government’s priorities and provide quality services to the ACT community. As a unique Service that covers municipal and state/territory government functions, our responsibilities range from teaching, nursing, transport, justice and community services to city planning and emergency response.

If you join us as a graduate, you will have the opportunity to complete three rotations across different directorates and work areas throughout the year. For more information on each directorate visit the ACT government website.

Various public authorities and Territory owned corporations also form part of the wider ACT Public Sector. While you typically won’t work in these agencies throughout the graduate year, as a Service that supports mobility and career development opportunities you may find yourself working in one of these agencies at a later point in time.

Our work ethic

Our Service is a small and dynamic one that presents as one government with a clear direction, working together to achieve the best outcomes for the people of Canberra and the surrounding region. Our work is undertaken with commitment to the core values of Respect, Integrity, Innovation, and Collaboration and in accordance with our Signature Behaviours as outlined in our Code of Conduct.

Our Culture

Under the principles of Respect, Equity and Diversity (RED), we foster positive cultures across our many different work environments – whether that be in the classroom, the hospital, in office environments or when providing public transport services. The RED principles are all about ensuring that our staff feel safe and comfortable to be themselves in the workplace and that they are treated equitably. 

As an organisation we value diversity as a means of enriching the workplace, enhancing learning and creating opportunities for innovation. In recognition of the value that diversity brings to our organisation, we treat each other with respect – regardless of background, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, disability or otherwise.

We also believe we can provide better services to the ACT community if our own workforce is a true reflection of the community in which we serve. To that end, a range of Inclusion initiatives are underway to support the growth of a diverse workforce.

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