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Can international students apply for the Graduate Program?

International students are welcome to apply however all applicants must meet the eligibility requirements regarding permanent residency and recognition of degree.

What if I do not have permanent residency yet?

Applicants must have permanent residency status at the time of attendance at assessment centres. Candidates who do not have permanent residency by this time will be deemed ineligible.

Can I still apply if I haven’t finished my degree?

Yes, but you must be in your final year of university and scheduled to finish by 31st December 2019. If you are offered a position in the Program, you must provide evidence of successfully completion of your degree, including a credit average, prior to commencing in order for your offer to remain valid.

Do I need work experience to apply for the graduate program?

No, although relevant skills are considered as part of the selection process.

Who can I talk to about the Program and the status of my application?

Contact the Graduate Program team at [email protected] or the inclusions team at [email protected].

What stream should I apply for?

We recommend applying for the recruitment stream that best suits your qualifications and interests. If you are still unsure review the content present on the graduate program website for guidance or contact the Graduate Program team at [email protected].

Can I join the Graduate Program on a part-time basis?

No, the ACTPS Graduate Program is a full-time 10 month program.

How many graduate positions are available?

There will be around 60 positions in the Graduate Program per year spread across the six recruitment streams. The number of positions available in each stream varies each year in line with workforce requirements.

How will I be informed about the outcome of my application?

Successful applicants will be contacted and invited to attend the next stage of recruitment and/or be given an offer of employment. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified via email. This email will contain information on how to request feedback.

Do I get to choose my rotations?

During the interview, applicants may express their preferences for a particular directorate/s or area of work. While these preferences are considered by the panel, decisions about rotations and permanent positions are based upon organisational needs and the availability of positions in each recruitment stream.

Do I get to choose my permanent position upon completion of the Program?

Graduates are promoted to a permanent position upon successful completion of the Graduate Program. Permanent positions are usually located within the directorate where you conduct your first rotation.

When does the program commence?

The Graduate Program traditionally commences on the first Monday of February in a given year.

How much leave will I get?

ACTPS employees receive 4 weeks annual leave and 3.6 weeks of personal leave per year.  Other types of leave are available, including compassionate leave, community service leave, maternity leave, bonding and parental leave, Defence reserve leave, leave for domestic violence purposes and cultural leave provisions.


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