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The work in the ACTPS is diverse and varied, when asked about their experience in the 2018 Graduate program, this is what our graduates had to say:

I was so fortunate to work on………

  • Better Suburbs project that turned over city servicing priorities to a Citizen’s Forum. Working with a wonderful team on a highly dynamic democratic project with complex internal and external stakeholder governance was a highlight of my life.
  • and to continue to work with ensuring the care and protection of Canberra's most vulnerable children and young people. I never expected to work on writing a speech for a Minister to be used at an Awards presentation - it was a challenge.
  • 25th Anniversary Celebration of the ACTPS. It will be great to see our calendar of events put into action next year.
  • Dockless bike share
  • with the Better Suburbs team on designing and delivering a deliberative democracy process. Having been a part of the small planning team, it was wonderful to attend the Citizens’ Forum and see how whole-heartedly the community members engaged in learning about city services. It filled me with confidence in the community to see them apply this new knowledge in their discussions to make decisions for future priorities which recognise environmental pressures and take into account the diverse needs and lifestyles of Canberrans.
  • the 2018-19 Budget Review and the initial stage of the 2019-20 Budget in my last rotation at Treasury. It gave me good insight into the Government’s Budget processes and broaden my understanding about various social issues faced by the ACT Government (such as disability supports or child protection services - which I would never know otherwise). It was great to know that my work actually contributed to a better and more liveable Canberra.
  • a pilot staff health and wellbeing program that directly improved the physical, psychological and psychosocial wellbeing of staff.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Education Sessions and OZHELP Workplace Tune Ups for JACS staff throughout Mental Health Month and National Safe Work Month
  • projects that would make a real and immediate difference in the ACT

I never expected to………………

  • work on major data / IT projects, especially having no practical experience in the industry. It has been a fantastic opportunity to further my skillset and test my flexibility.
  • work on the development of the new Online Insights Community, a citizen’s panel that will seek to better understand the views and opinions of Canberran’s on key issues and test ideas with a broadly representative sample of the ACT population.
  • test-drive a Tesla.
  • meet the Ambassador of Norway.
  • have videos that I co-created be published onto YouTube and Facebook to promote ACTmapi.
  • be part of a team creating a new Bill to reform the ACT’s CTP scheme.
  • work on the Light Rail
  • be working with the Health Safety and Wellbeing Team in assisting with returning our injured staff safely back to work.
  • work on law reforms that I would see introduced into the Legislative Assembly.
  • a stakeholder engagement project. It was a good opportunity to meet with the people within my directorate, but outside my team. It also gave me an understanding of the relationships that CYPS has with other organisations and what effective collaboration looks like.
  • work with emergency services and get to observe the coordination of an international urban search and rescue response simulation.
  • work on Budget - where I get the opportunity to review business cases and concept brief, and understand the budget process;
  • work on Cabinet submission – review on cabinet submission before being release to Legislative Assembly;
  • work on Preparation of financial statements – assist in preparing the notes to financial statements;
  • work on Analysing the movement of the financial figures for auditors; and
  • work on research for recording and valuing the trees at Arboretum.
  • work on Heritage within the ACT and especially a crutching shed.
  • documents to support the request for LGBTIQ identifying individuals to seek asylum in the ACT, as a Human Rights Jurisdiction. It was rewarding and challenging to support such an important and critical need. I was proud to be a member of a Government that viewed an individual’s sexual rights as human rights, and extended its support accordingly.
  • ArcGIS data mapping software during my rotation with Transport Canberra Light Rail.
  • work on so many different things in a 10 month period. I have visited a retirement village as part of the Retirement Villages Act reform process, been to all sorts of meetings, participated in community information sessions and workshops, worked on procurement, appointments, cab subs, etc. It has been a fantastic experience.
  • reforming combat sports

I am most thankful to/for ……

  • work in an organisation that delivers essential public services to the community. It’s rewarding to know that my work contributes to society in a very meaningful way.
  • having the opportunity to move to Canberra to be part of the Graduate Program. I'm heading into a role where I wake up each morning looking forward to the day ahead of me and doing what I'm most passionate about.
  • the opportunity to work with some amazing people across a range of areas and with very different skillsets.
  • being provided the opportunity to be involved across a number of ACT directorates, each of which gave me exposure to different working styles and the way agencies can operate in various ways. Being able to do this allowed me to develop knowledge on the wide array of government functions and processes that exist across the ACT Government and to therefore find a place that utilised and further enhanced my skill set to assist in driving positive transformation in the ACT community.
  • the fantastic supervisors that I have had across all three rotations. Their guidance, support, and commitment to help me grow in the ACTPS has been so invaluable and something that I will always appreciate.
  • excellent supervisors who have been incredibly supportive.
  • the opportunities that I have experienced within the Graduate Program and the ability rotate through various areas and directorates within the ACT Government it has given me well rounded skills that I can use to further develop my career.
  • the support of my supervisors for giving me challenging, rewarding work and providing consistent support.
  • supervisors who gave me the opportunity to learn.
  • my supportive supervisors and colleagues, who made sure I felt comfortable enough to ask questions, and helped me succeed.
  • the friendly people who have made me feel welcome across each of my rotations. Each team I joined introduced me to different opportunities for learning about the wider work of the agency or section, extending opportunities to me to be involved with anything interesting that came up.
  • having the opportunity to try different areas for all my three rotations. The experiences that I gained from those rotations are valuable.
  • for being part of the 2018 Graduate Program and the opportunity to work across three different areas. In each rotation, I’ve learned new things and meet new people. These experiences are invaluable.
  • great managers that demonstrated; - Excellence, in striving for the best outcomes, Collaboration, that a sum of people can bring together the best results, - Integrity, in everything they do and Care, in believing in a work/life balance.
  • the opportunity to experience diverse range of workplaces throughout my graduate year.
  • working alongside former graduates who helped show me the ropes
  • the willingness and genuine interest of senior (SES) staff in my personal and professional experience in the ACT Government and Graduate Program. It made for a supported and wholly enjoyable 10 months.
  • having the opportunity to shadow the TCCS DG, Emma Thomas and attend the UITPANZ Young Transport Professionals Seminar.
  • the flexibility of the graduate program and the willingness of my supervisors to embrace the program as a learning opportunity – letting me go to a variety of talks/events, taking me along to meetings, throwing me work that is out of the ordinary, etc.


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