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Applications for the ACTPS Graduate Programs 2020 will be open from the 1st April to 26th May

  • ACTPS Open Graduate Program Closed
  • ACTPS Disability Identified Graduate Program extended to 26th May
  • ACTPS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Identified Graduate Program extended to 26th May

The ACTPS Graduate Program provides participants with:

  • Three work rotations across different areas of the public service
  • A comprehensive learning and development program, including exposure to senior leaders and training to help you build the skills you need for a successful career as a public servant (e.g. regular training, guest speaker events, public service seminars)
  • Flexible working arrangements and a healthy work/life balance
  • Networking opportunities
  • A permanent position and promotion upon successful completion of the Graduate Program
  • Competitive Salary (As of 12/12/19 the Graduate salary will be $71,309 plus superannuation.)

Applicants can apply through one of six specialised streams that guide the nature of work you will undertake during the Program and in your permanent position following the Programs completion. We also encourage you to take the Program as an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and work in areas you may not otherwise have considered.

The streams currently recruiting include:

Commerce and Business

Recommended Qualifications: Finance, Accounting, Costing Analysis, Economics, Human Resources, Management, Public Relations, Communications and Marketing.

Description: Positions in this stream include corporate/business roles with a specialist focus in areas such as those listed under recommended qualifications. Commerce and Business positions are common across all directorates.

Human Services

  • Recommended Qualifications: Social Work, Psychology, Social Welfare, Social Science, Human Services
  • Description: Human Services graduate roles include work in frontline and policy human service, in areas such as social work, psychology, social welfare and social science.
  • Positions in this stream sit within the divisions of Housing ACT and Children Youth and Families.
  • Graduates will work to support the social policy for the local Canberra community – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, women, children and young people, people with disability and seniors and veterans.
  • Graduates will work in roles that offer early and statutory support to vulnerable Canberrans, services for children, young people and families, access to safe and secure housing, child protection and youth justice interventions.
  • Due to the technical nature of this stream, graduates will usually only rotate within the Community Service Directorate and will be placed in a case management role upon successful completion of the graduate program.


  • Recommended Qualifications: ICT Engineering, ICT Security, Application Support, Infrastructure Management and those who have had exposure to Business Analysis and ICT Project Management, Computer Science, Innovation and Design.
  • Description: Graduates in this stream will work in directorate-specific ICT teams or in Shared Services, working within a modern ICT environment which includes four major data centres, and an extensive private optical-fibre voice and data network. Other services provided include Server and Desktop support, Database Design and Management, ICT project management and business system development and support. Types of roles you might experience: application development, application lifecycle management, business analysis, customer relationship management, data centre management, desktop management, development and test, environment management, enterprise architecture, ICT security, IT service management, networks management, operational infrastructure, platform systems management, project management, service desk storage and backup management, and web development.
  • The majority of positions for ICT are located within Shared Services ICT but increasingly other directorates are seeking candidates from the ICT stream and where possible, ICT graduates will rotate between directorates and Shared Services. 


  • Recommended Qualifications: Sustainability and Environment, Town Planning, Architecture, Engineering and Surveying.
  • Description: Positions in this stream can have an environment and planning, town planning, civil and urban architecture, or a civil engineering focus. Other engineering disciplines are also occasionally requested by directorates. Infrastructure positions are typically located in Transport Canberra and City Services, the Environment and Planning Directorate and the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate.


  • Recommended Qualifications: Law, Legal studies combined with Commerce, some exposure to commercial contracts would also be relevant.
  • Work undertaken in this stream includes policy work where a legal background is required or beneficial to the positions available in the Program. You should be aware that opportunities for practical law experience in the Graduate Program are rare. Positions in this stream are typically located in the Justice and Community Safety Directorate and the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate but can also become available in other directorates.

Public Policy and Administration

  • Recommended Qualifications: Government Administration, Public Policy, Public administration
  • Description: This stream is an opportunity for graduates with general policy skills to explore all facets of policy and government administration in different areas of the ACTPS. Graduates in this stream tend to have various policy backgrounds (i.e. public health, international relations, politics, or sociology). 


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