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We will be welcoming applications during the second half of 2019 for our January 2020 programs.


Amadeus technology keeps the travel industry moving and is changing how the world integrates. You’ll work at the heart of the travel technology industry with colleagues from every corner of the globe and learn from the top minds of the industry. At Amadeus, you’ll build a career that moves the world.

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About Amadeus

Who we are?

Amadeus is one of the world’s 15 largest software companies. We were founded in 1987 by four airlines coming together with one purpose. It was the beginning of the journey to shape the future of travel. Watch to find out more.

What we do?

Travel makes the world a better place. We all share the desire to explore our world, see new places, meet new people or be near what is important to us. Travel builds economies, broadens cultures and creates connections between societies. Travel powers progress. Amadeus powers travel.

We provide the solutions that keep the world of travel moving developed in partnership with the industry for 30 years and counting. Our solutions make the world more connected, efficient and rewarding for travelers and businesses alike.

Every day, we deliver intelligent solutions to the world’s travel agents, search engines, tour operators, airlines, airports, hotels, car rental companies, railways and more – helping them deliver more rewarding journeys to travelers. We combine a deep understanding of how people plan, book and enjoy their travels with the ability to design systems that meet our customers’ most complex needs.

Global presence

Amadeus is a truly global company with over 16,000 professionals serving customers in more than 190 countries, covering every continent and our headquarters in Madrid, Spain.

Amadeus Fast Facts

  • We are present in 195 countries (more than McDonalds!)
  • 4 million passengers are boarded per day
  • 20 average net bookings are made every second
  • 770 airlines use our technology
  • A global team from 146 nationalities

Discovering top graduate talent is key to keeping the travel industry moving. From ensuring that your flights leave on time to getting you the best seat on the plane, our staff truly make an impact and now so can you.

If you are curious, passionate, innovative and want to be a game changer, take up the challenge and apply online to take off your career with Amadeus today.

Amadeus Graduate and Internship Programs

If you’re passionate about travel and technology then the Amadeus Graduate Program is for you! The program will transform our Graduates into the next generation of leaders looking to shape the future of travel.

How the programs work 

  • Graduate Program: You will join as a full time permanent employee and jump straight in with one of our teams
  • Internship Program: You will complete a 6 month full time internship, focusing on a particular project while being part of a broader team. You’ll also have the opportunity to become permanent once you’ve finished your studies or continue on part-time while you complete them

Training and development

A wide range of internal and external training sessions will be on offer. Graduates will also take part in various professional development activities including an in-depth Amadeus induction. We want to make sure you are equipped with the knowledge, technical and soft skills you need to succeed.

Guidance and Mentorship

You will constantly be challenged to expand your horizons. You will have regular reviews with your Manager and you will be mentored by a member of the Senior Management team.

Our Recruitment Process

To ensure we select the right person for the right fit, our selection process is designed to identify future leaders who possess the skills, training, experience and potential that we believe to be critical to a high-performance culture and to ensure success.

What do our Grads and Interns have to say?


Graduate Product Definition Analyst – 01 July 2018
SMC Intern – 1 May 2017
Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Business Information Systems

What does a regular day at Amadeus look like?

My regular day as a graduate starts as learning the products from product experts. In our team, we work mostly on projects where we work on product enhancement as requested by clients or maintenance to improve our product stability. Working at Amadeus is like working with people around the world. Often I will be joining the meetings with teams around the world (Nice, London, Boston, Singapore, Bangalore and more) to discuss the progress of the projects and next steps for implementation.

What do you enjoy the most about working here?

Amadeus is truly a diverse organisation with people from different cultural and professional experience. We have teams all around the world where we work very closely on a joint project. From project-product level we work with teams in Nice, Singapore, London and Boston to deliver outcomes for clients. We also work together with extended account team in Seoul, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and many more where they help us with service and product delivery. I appreciate this exposure to different cultures as it always help me to equip new perspectives on how I approach challenges and problems from different regions. We have airline clients located all around the world where we have opportunities to visit their office for presentation, training and implementation support.

We have colleagues with experience in IT and Travel industry, we have developers, engineers and business analysts all in the same team. It is always interesting to be working together with experts from such dynamic industries where we never stop learning new technologies and industry trends to achieve best business practice. Working at Amadeus, I have always enjoyed contributing in such environment that promotes growth and development both personally and professionally.

Describe your most exciting project or different roles you had for example

When I was working as an intern in Global Customer Care team, I was given an opportunity to present and host regular operational meetings with our key APAC clients. I have immensely enjoyed working together with the airlines as they have always provided me with practical challenges. I was responsible for managing clients’ expectation during the regular meetings by providing updates and progress of our maintenance and recovery actions. I greatly appreciate my time during the internship as I was able to develop my business acumen on how I should communicate and deal with clients. This experience has provided me an opportunity to build positive relationships with my clients. It was truly exciting when I was on a holiday traveling some of our clients’ city, I was kindly invited by them to visit and tour their office. Internship in Amadeus has provided me an opportunity to build my network around the world.

One piece of advice for graduates/interns

One piece of advice for interns and graduates is to know what you are good at and what you really like. If you could relate those two when you are applying for internships or graduate positions, it will be a positive synergy for you and for the company. I have always liked to travel around the world since I was young. I have always enjoyed talking with people from different cultures and experience their way of living. I was able to relate my passion towards travel with my specialisation from university to pursue my journey in Amadeus. I have been greatly enjoying my time here in Amadeus and it has given me motivation and goals in my career to advance and pursue.


Graduate Business Analyst – 16 October 2017
Master of Technology (Enterprise Systems)

What does a regular day at Amadeus look like?

My day starts with a cup of coffee and a stand-up meeting. The stand-up meeting is for all the team members to sync up on what they have been doing and what they are going to do. We normally have 1 or 2 meetings through the day, they’re either discussions or clarifications within the team, or remote meetings with other sites (Nice, Bangalore, Singapore, etc). We either bring our lunch or go out at noon. There are plenty of good food options around the office and we have monthly team lunch that we take turns picking out a nice place to explore the surrounding area.

What do you enjoy the most about working here?

My manager and colleges are really supportive. I can be completely transparent with my manager about what my thoughts and doubts about my career plan and he gives me suggestions and advice. Whenever I need help, they are always there. A few other perks are since our clients and offices are all around the world, I have many opportunities to go on business trips. The working hours at Amadeus are also quite flexible so if you are a morning person, you can go to work very early in the morning and finish early in the afternoon and vice versa. It is truly a delightful environment to work in!

Describe your most exciting project or different roles you had for example

All the projects I participated are exciting but among them, I would say the most impressive and challenging one was to attend the workshop for Japan Airlines in Tokyo. I was quite anxious in the preparation stage because it was my first client workshop. What comforted me most was that my manager and all my colleagues in the team were so supportive and trusted that I could handle the workshop. It indeed was a truly amazing experience – understanding the client’s business requirement and process, interacting and building rapport with not only the JAL people but also Amadeus colleagues from other offices (Tokyo, Nice, etc.). It’s also good opportunity to learn, to structure my knowledge and of course I enjoyed visiting Tokyo during the weekend!

One piece of advice for graduates/interns

Find the things you love. For me, I feel grateful to be a Business Analyst. Going to work every morning is not hard work. I’m excited and looking forward to the new projects and challenges. You’ll be at work half of your awake time, so choose wisely!


Software Development Intern – 7 January 2018
Bachelor of Computer Science, Majoring in Gaming and Multimedia Development & Cyber Security

What does a regular day at Amadeus Look like?

Every day at Amadeus is quite relaxed, employees are not on the clock, you just turn up and do a full day’s work. Your team and managers are supportive and always happy to help. As an Intern you are treated as a real employee, you have the freedom to direct your project any way you seem fit, innovation is encouraged. At the end of the day I enjoy listening to music whilst working on my project.

What do you enjoy the most about working here?

For me, the location is awesome, it's positioned right next to Central Station with easy access through the Pedestrian Tunnel. There is a supermarket just around the corner, and Market City is a great place go for lunch. Every Tuesday we play soccer at lunchtime on a rooftop pitch at Ultimo Community Centre. It’s a great way to meet people from outside of your team, break up the day and the views are amazing!

Describe your most exciting project

For my project I designed a Prototype Chat-Bot for the Google Assistant. This Chat-Bot enables users to check in for flights using their voice. It was very challenging creating a system that could handle arbitrary user requests, but with help from tools such as Dialogflow and the support from my team, I was able to create an experience I am quite proud of.

One piece of advice for graduates / interns

For job interviews, when asked the question ‘Why did you choose us?’, instead of reciting the positives of the company, tell them what you want to do for the company, and why only they can provide it. This makes your answer more unique, and shows you are the right person to bring something new to the team.

Social Responsibility

Our strategy in social responsibility is to use our core strengths; our people, technology and global travel expertise in programs and partnerships that can make a real difference. Our objective is to contribute to the inclusive development of communities in the countries where we operate, improving how travel and tourism can make a positive impact.

Amadeus Social Responsibility is the global program through which we deliver this positive change, supporting economic development, education, entrepreneurship and employment in communities in 64 countries. In 2017, the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development (IY 2017), we took special pride in supporting and driving many initiatives to shape an inclusive and sustainable future. We demonstrated in practical ways that by combining our skills and technology with the reach of global travel, we can help bring about real, positive change.

In 2017 we made good progress in the three pillars of our global Social Responsibility program:

1. Technology for Good

In partnership with our customers and global NGOs, we provide technology and data solutions that respond effectively to their commitments toward inclusive social development.

2. Knowledge and Skills Transfer

In collaboration with local governments, our customers and development organizations, we equip young people with skills that the digitalized travel and tourism industry requires.

3. Community Support

We engage in a wide array of community support programs around the world, supporting projects to reduce poverty and inequality. Amadeus has 248 partnerships with intergovernmental and non-profit organizations, educational institutions and public and private sector leaders in the travel industry.

Environmental sustainability

The travel and tourism industry is expected to grow at a rate of 3.9% annually over the next decade, outpacing global economy growth and contributing 23% of total global job creation during this period.1 This positive outlook leads to concerns around environmental sustainability.

Long-term industry sustainability requires determined and joint industry action on issues like climate change, use of natural resources or comprehensive management of fast-growing tourism destinations.

Amadeus responds to this challenge with a holistic approach, conscious that action is required internally, externally and in cooperation with industry peers. Our environmental sustainability strategy relies on three pillars:

Environmental efficiency of Amadeus operations

We measure the environmental impact of our operations, identify areas for improvement, implement solutions and continue to monitor our performance for achieving continuous improvement in environmental efficiency.

Development of IT solutions that improve economic and environmental efficiency

We help our customers achieve their environmental objectives, delivering IT solutions that improve customers’ operational and environmental efficiency.

Participation and fostering of joint industry environmental initiatives

We work in partnership with other industry stakeholders on projects to improve travel industry sustainability.

Why Join Us?

You’ll be adding value from day one Jump straight in to your new teams and work on real projects from the get go.

You won’t be doing it alone. Mentors will guide you along the way and various learning and development opportunities will mean you can keep developing your skills.

You’ll join a truly global team. In Asia Pacific alone, we have people from more than 40 nationalities. Every day you’ll have a chance to work with people from any of our 190+ markets around the world.

Working with us in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is our head office for Amadeus IT Pacific and we work on three key business areas:

  • We help travel agents when making bookings for air, hotel, car or others forms of travel services.
  • We help airlines with their key operational needs including sales, reservation & ticketing, inventory management, departure control and e-commerce. 
  • And we invest in other travel markets like rail and hotels.

The head office is in Sydney is directly opposite the Central Station which is the hub of the train network, making it the perfect place to explore the city


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