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Social Responsibility


Our strategy in social responsibility is to use our core strengths; our people, technology and global travel expertise in programs and partnerships that can make a real difference. Our objective is to contribute to the inclusive development of communities in the countries where we operate, improving how travel and tourism can make a positive impact.

Amadeus Social Responsibility is the global program through which we deliver this positive change, supporting economic development, education, entrepreneurship and employment in communities in 64 countries. In 2017, the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development (IY 2017), we took special pride in supporting and driving many initiatives to shape an inclusive and sustainable future. We demonstrated in practical ways that by combining our skills and technology with the reach of global travel, we can help bring about real, positive change.

In 2017 we made good progress in the three pillars of our global Social Responsibility program:

1. Technology for Good

In partnership with our customers and global NGOs, we provide technology and data solutions that respond effectively to their commitments toward inclusive social development.

2. Knowledge and Skills Transfer

In collaboration with local governments, our customers and development organizations, we equip young people with skills that the digitalized travel and tourism industry requires.

3. Community Support

We engage in a wide array of community support programs around the world, supporting projects to reduce poverty and inequality. Amadeus has 248 partnerships with intergovernmental and non-profit organizations, educational institutions and public and private sector leaders in the travel industry.

Environmental sustainability

The travel and tourism industry is expected to grow at a rate of 3.9% annually over the next decade, outpacing global economy growth and contributing 23% of total global job creation during this period.1 This positive outlook leads to concerns around environmental sustainability.

Long-term industry sustainability requires determined and joint industry action on issues like climate change, use of natural resources or comprehensive management of fast-growing tourism destinations.

Amadeus responds to this challenge with a holistic approach, conscious that action is required internally, externally and in cooperation with industry peers. Our environmental sustainability strategy relies on three pillars:

Environmental efficiency of Amadeus operations

We measure the environmental impact of our operations, identify areas for improvement, implement solutions and continue to monitor our performance for achieving continuous improvement in environmental efficiency.

Development of IT solutions that improve economic and environmental efficiency

We help our customers achieve their environmental objectives, delivering IT solutions that improve customers’ operational and environmental efficiency.

Participation and fostering of joint industry environmental initiatives

We work in partnership with other industry stakeholders on projects to improve travel industry sustainability.


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