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What our Graduates say:


Name: Ella
Graduate Program: Institutional
Degree: Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Commerce
Describe yourself in one word: Persistent

What do you get involved in your spare time?

In my spare time I love to get out and about (hikes and trips to the beach), cook and eat out. I also enjoy exercising and enjoying our beautiful city!

In which area of ANZ did you complete your 8-week internship?

I completed my internship in Research & Analysis, Diversified Industries in the Institutional area. This was a great introduction into the heart of institutional lending, and allowed me to meet and learn about other industries and teams as well as the one I was working in. I was surrounded by a great team and met a lot of really supportive and informative people. The thing I enjoyed the most about the internship was the variety and interesting nature of the customers the team serviced.

What has been your favourite rotation within the graduate program?

My favourite rotation within the graduate program was my first rotation, in Customer Strategy. This team enabled me to get an overview of the Institutional area and how all the different sub-areas and teams interact and fit together.

What do you love most about working for ANZ?

The people. I’ve been really lucky and worked with a lot of great people, as well as made some close friends with other graduates at ANZ. So far I’ve found that there are many supportive and helpful people around.

Describe a typical day for you.

On a typical day my role involves managing a portfolio of clients across different industries. This involves understanding these customers, the industries in which they operate and broader economic trends that will have an impact on them. It also involves responding to customer queries and managing the banks relationship with these customers.


Name: Rhys
Graduate Program: Finance
Degree: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) / Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) / Bachelor of Applied Finance
Describe yourself in one word: Creative

What do you get involved in your spare time?

Prior to studying Finance and Accounting I spent a number of years studying Literature and Creative Writing, and I still try to find time to read and write creatively during my spare time.  I’ve also lived overseas for a number of years, and I’m always planning my next big adventure.  The Camino de Santiago pilgrim trail through Spain is next on my list!

What has been your favourite rotation within the graduate program?

I most enjoyed my rotation through the External Reporting team.  This team is responsible for producing ANZ’s financial statements, which is the key way the bank communicates its strategy and results to the public. 

Why would you recommend ANZ to others?

Speaking as a graduate, I would recommend ANZ because of the many developmental opportunities working here provides.  Graduates are encouraged to take on lots of different responsibilities in their various teams, but are always supported in their learning. Taking ownership over your tasks gives you a greater sense of empowerment at work.  Plus, the open, collaborative environment at ANZ means you are constantly exposed to new ways of thinking.   

Describe a typical day for you.

What I have enjoyed most about my experience at ANZ is that there isn’t really a typical day.  Some days I might be required to prepare monthly accounting journals, others I might be asked to help come up with ways to improve or simplify an existing process, or I could even be asked to build a new spreadsheet model.  The great thing about being a graduate is that you’re encouraged to try new things; and ANZ is also an organisation that adopts a philosophy of continuous improvement. 


Name: Sewmee
Graduate Program:  Technology
Degree:  Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) / Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
Describe yourself in one word:  Enthusiastic

What do you get involved in your spare time?

I love to learn new things. I am currently improving my programming skills by learning JavaScript. I also try my hand at cooking new healthy food recipes!

In which area of ANZ did you complete your 8-week internship?

I was part of a team called Global Technology Property Delivery in Technology Service Management. The highlight for me was when I was given the opportunity to be part of ANZ’s new Tullamarine Data Centre Project. I really enjoyed it as I got to experience project management and vendor management in a real life project for the first time! Being back at ANZ as a Graduate, I received the opportunity to visit the actual data centre and it was amazing to see the end result!

Why did you choose ANZ?

I saw that ANZ’s Summer Intern Program had received lot of recognition and I also wanted to take a risk and try a non- engineering role. During my internship I realised how much ANZ can offer when it comes to personal and career development. Hence, I wanted to come back and join as a Graduate.

What has been your favourite rotation within the graduate program?

I’m currently in my first rotation and loving it!  I’m a release analyst in Digital Security. My team specialises in producing new security features and services to enhance customer experience and ensure that our customers are given the highest level of security with their day-to- day banking. I love that my job involves working with a variety of teams such as developers, testers, vendors, business, support and Information Security. Definitely puts my stakeholder management skills to test!

What was your biggest misconception about working at a bank?

That it was just banking and you know technology was mostly just assisting customers with technical issues! The internship was a real eye opener as it made me realise how diverse the technology area is and the wide variety of roles it has to offer.


Name: Josh
Graduate Program: Australia Division
Degree: Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Economics
Describe yourself in one word: Dedicated

What do you get involved in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to keep active, noting that a lot of my days now are spent at a desk! I’ve always played a lot of sports growing up and I’ve tried to maintain that as part of my lifestyle moving into full-time work. I play soccer every weekend, and during the weekdays I try and get to the gym after work.

I’ve also been a very keen traveller ever since I caught the travel bug after my first trip to Europe

In which area of ANZ did you complete your 8-week internship?

What was your experience like? I completed my program in the Emerging Corporate (EC) segment as part of a team based out of 100 Queen St, Melbourne. I feel that I was really lucky to be placed into EC as it provided me the opportunity to experience an 8- week crash course on typical customer facing Corporate & Commercial banking, and develop a real appreciation for what a day in the life of a typical frontline banker that services our Commercial & Corporate clients is like. From funding analysis surrounding financial performance and security positions, to assisting in maintaining the team’s internal reporting and compliance requirements, it really was a well-rounded, challenging and rewarding experience.

What has been a highlight of your graduate program?

The biggest highlight for me aside from all the experiences and personal development through my rotations has been all the people I’ve met along the way, particularly the other Graduates. Throughout my time on the Graduate Program I have gotten to know some really great and interesting people, and I have made connections that I know will last for years to come.

What was your biggest misconception about working at a bank?

Definitely the pace of change! ANZ has proven itself to be a truly dynamic organisation; we are constantly adapting and responding to the changes and challenges of an ever evolving landscape, which in my opinion is exciting.

What do you love most about working at ANZ?

That would have to be the people. The connections I’ve made and the people I’ve met and continue to work with are such a crucial part of why I enjoy coming to work every day. The culture at ANZ is one of comradery and co- development, a fantastic environment for any person at the beginning of their career. And it’s a culture that I am proud to be a part of.


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