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Connect Out

Arup's LGBTIQAA+ network

The aim of the Connect Out network is to create a more inclusive workplace for everyone.

Connect Out is Arup's LGBTIQAA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer/Questioning, Asexual/Aromantic and Allies) Network. A network set up to support and educate all our LGBTI identifying colleagues and their allies.

Evidence has shown that an LGBTIQAA+ Network helps to ensure effective workplace equality and inclusion, and provides vital peer support for LGBTIQAA+ identifying individuals.

At Arup, we have a clear and broad remit for Diversity & Inclusion. Under the Diversity & Inclusion strategy there are a number of streams, one of which is LGBTIQAA+ Inclusion. At the core of the LGBTIQAA+Inclusion strategy is the sustainability, growth and success of the Connect Out Network. Our main target in the D&I Strategy is to provide a workplace where everyone feels comfortable to bring their whole selves to work each day.

Through the Connect Out network, we aim to contribute to our Diversity & Inclusion agenda by:

  • Reinforcing an inclusive and accepting environment for all LGBTIQAA+ identifying staff.
  • Encouraging the recruitment, engagement, mentoring, professional development and (consequently) retention of LGBTIQAA+ talent.
  • Encouraging LGBTIQAA+ allies to demonstrate their support of the network and LGBTIQAA+ employees and clients.
  • Educating all Arupians on issues affecting LGBTIQAA+ identifying staff and clients.


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