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Babcock Australasia employs more than 1,300 talented people in Australia and New Zealand as a Defence, Aviation and Critical Services company. We deliver technical support services for our customers, ranging from fleet and asset management, sustainment, and technical training, to life saving helicopter emergency medical services.

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Past Babcock Australasia Graduate Hiring Statistics

If you’re interested in working at Babcock Australasia, understanding when they have opened up applications for their graduate programs, graduate jobs and internships is helpful knowledge to have so you know when you might need to apply. Use the below information to see when Babcock Australasia hires graduates, but more importantly what graduate degree’s and other student attributes they target for their jobs.


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Job types

  • Graduate Jobs (100%),


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  • Engineering Electrical (50%),

  • Project Management (50%),


  • Adelaide (100%),

Work rights

  • Australian Citizen (100%),

Past Babcock Australasia Graduate Programs

Check out some of Babcock Australasia's past jobs they have posted on GradConnection over the last 12 months. Understanding the details about what a graduate employer is looking for well before applications have opened can sometimes be the edge you need to secure your first graduate program.

Babcock Australasia


Calling all ENGINEERING graduates - kick start your career with the Babcock Australasia Graduate Programme!


Graduate Jobs



Babcock Australasia


Calling all PROJECT MANAGEMENT graduates - kick start your career with the Babcock Australasia Graduate Programme!


Graduate Jobs



About Us

Babcock Australasia

Babcock Australasia employs more than 1,300 talented people in Australia and New Zealand as a Defence, Aviation and Critical Services company. We deliver technical support services for our customers, ranging from fleet and asset management, sustainment, and technical training, to life saving helicopter emergency medical services.

We are an integral part of an international aerospace, defence and security company – Babcock International Group – providing services across the UK, France, Canada and South Africa.

Creating a safe and secure world, together.

Graduate Program

Babcock Australasia

We will be welcoming our next co-hort of Graduates in February 2022.

Our Graduate Programme is about investing in our people and in Babcock’s future, strengthening sovereign capability to keep our nations secure and our communities safe.

Engineering or Project Management graduates will spend two years with Babcock working through a comprehensive programme which includes 6-month structured rotations and specialised training.

Babcock offers a fully-rounded programme for graduates, with personal development modules, networking opportunities and peer group activities.

We encourage continuous learning across our whole team, with ongoing professional development opportunities available in a wide range of topics.

The breadth of our capabilities and expertise means our people can take their career global!

Application Process

Babcock Australasia

Online application:

You will need to submit your application online via our portal. This will ensure we’re able to capture details about your skills, background and relevant experience.

Applications are now open and will close on 12 December.

Selection process:

  • Once we’ve received your application we will review it to ensure you’ve met the essential criteria.
  • For candidates progressing, you’ll be invited to participate in a short phone interview.
  • For candidates progressing following phone interview, you’ll be invited to a face to face interview where you’ll have a chance get to know us better. You’ll also be required to prepare a presentation to present to the selection panel.

All candidates will receive an outcome regarding their application.

Places on the Babcock Graduate Programme are limited and applications will only be open for a short period, so don’t hesitate if you think this is the right opportunity for you!

Employee Profiles

Babcock Australasia

Caleb Spray, Commercial Graduate:

Meet Caleb Spray, Commercial Graduate at Babcock Australasia.

As a Commercial Graduate, Caleb works on a range of tasks that assist Babcock’s Aviation and Critical Services team. From contract management, to client reporting and communications, to business development and bid research, Caleb is constantly learning and kept on his toes.

“No two days are identical and I love the diversity among the projects I’ve been involved with. I’ve been very fortunate to work in a team with people who are always willing to share their knowledge, and who I now consider to be good friends, as well as colleagues,” Caleb says.

“At Babcock I have also been provided with opportunities for professional development through completing industry-specific courses for capture management and proposal writing.”

Caleb studied a Bachelor of Business (Advanced Leadership and Marketing) at Flinders University in South Australia, and upon graduating was passionate about pursuing a career within aviation.

“Coming out of university I endeavoured to find a role within an industry that was of interest to me. When I heard about the Commercial Graduate role offered by Babcock, I became excited about the prospect of working with an organisation that provides aviation services,” Caleb says.

“Aviation has long been an area of great curiosity to me, so the decision to apply for the role was easy. Coupled with the fact Babcock facilitates a service which is of critical importance to communities across Australia, I’ve found a role that I am passionate about and take great pride in.”

Babcock’s work within Aviation and Critical Services involves emergency medical services (EMS), search and rescue (SAR) operations, and airborne surveillance. Assisting with aviation activities, Caleb finds this work motivating and rewarding.

“Babcock’s work contributes to a service that provides critical assistance, lifesaving operations, and emergency services to communities across the nation,” Caleb says.

“Babcock’s work within Aviation and Critical Services, the global footprint of the company, and its contribution to the aviation, marine and land sectors means that career diversification and development opportunities are in abundance.”

“There is no other company quite like Babcock in Australia and New Zealand, that operates across all of the same specialised industries as we do.”

Looking ahead, Caleb is excited for his career at Babcock growing into a role where he can pass on his commercial knowledge to others.

“Coming into an organisation that operates in a complex space, there were always going to be certain gaps in my industry specific knowledge. However, those with greater experience are always willing to aid my professional development through teaching me. I hope that one day I can pass on the knowledge to others,” Caleb says.

“Chasing your dream job is a daunting task. My advice to anyone is to focus on your skill set, study hard and find something you are passionate about.”

“I would recommend a career with Babcock to anyone; it’s an exciting, innovative and agile organisation doing great things across Australia and New Zealand.”

Jayden Grigg, Graduate Engineer:

Nothing stands in the way of success for Jayden Grigg – Graduate Engineer at Babcock Australasia. With a longstanding passion for working within the defence industry, and years of hard work under his belt, Jayden is thriving within his dream career.

As a Graduate Engineer, Jayden has surveyed assets to assist with product design and created fabrication drawings for products. He has also listed accompanying materials needed for fabrication and provided assistance to other engineering team members when electrical or electronic expertise is required.

“No two days are the same in my role – one day I am writing reports and formatting documentation for the Australian Defence Force (ADF), and the next day I am testing the compliance of a device or determining how hot a radiator pipe will get,” Jayden describes.

“Engineering involves a high level of reading comprehension, detail discrimination, mathematics and focus, all in that order. A critical part of my role involves understanding the standards and then showing mathematically that we meet those standards, as well as managing stakeholders, including the ADF and manufacturing industry.”

“Project management skills are also required to ensure outcomes are validated, verified and delivered on-time.”

Jayden has always had strong family ties to the defence industry, with his parents having served within the ADF. Combining this passion with his love for mathematics, problem-solving, and making a difference, Jayden pursued a career in engineering at university.

“I was set on joining the Defence Force, specifically the Navy as it was where I saw that I could provide the greatest value. Because of this I studied the various ranks, assets and locations of the ADF. This general knowledge of Defence serves me well in my current role at Babcock,” Jayden says.

“Additionally, I completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) (Honours) at Flinders University and finished at the end of 2019.”

Whilst completing his final year of university, Jayden undertook a six month exchange with multidisciplinary engineering school and research centre, ENSTA Bretagne, in Brest, France. That same year in France, Jayden completed an internship with Thales, where he worked on the Autonomous Surface Vessel program, among various other projects.

“My project at Thales was specifically to create a small drone that would be able to operate in the open ocean autonomously for one year. This drone would operate through the use of a basic Artificial Intelligence (AI) that controlled the various systems of the drone,” Jayden explains.

“By using basic AI, we were able to specify the direction of the drone via the navigation subsystem and using the sensors and propellers on-board. My role was mainly firmware, but I was also involved in the creation of the AI and the mission management tool.”

Jayden is proud of his achievements, and says the investment Babcock puts into its staff will allow his success to continue.

“Here at Babcock I love the camaraderie and personal investment. Babcock is big on the development of engineering skills, even after education. I am encouraged to continue my engineering development, to the point where Babcock is willing to provide me with training external to the company,” Jayden says.

“I am being provided opportunities, both in and out of projects, to take the raw skills that I learned in university and to forge them into accurate and precise tools that make me an engineering force to be reckoned with.”

“The challenges I have seen my manager face and the engineering prowess I have seen him demonstrate leaves me excited about building my engineering career with Babcock.”

Jayden’s advice for budding engineers and those chasing a career dream within the defence industry revolves around tackling your fears and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

“The problems and challenges in the Defence Industry are similar to those you will face in other industries, but the difference is that every system is absolutely mission critical every time,” Jayden says.

“This gives me a love for my job, where I can impose the beauty of mathematics on a difficult problem and see my solution become reality.”

A Day in the Life

Babcock Australasia


Imogen Larcombe, Graduate Engineer

“I’ve always been a practical person and enjoy problem-solving, so I loved maths and physics at school. I had an inspiring teacher at high school, who encouraged me in specialist maths – I was one of only two girls who studied it.

“My degree is in Mechatronics and Computer Science. That’s come in very useful in my work here at Babcock, especially in a project we’re working on for our Defence customer.

“I’ve been with Babcock Australasia since the start of 2021 and in that time I’ve enjoyed learning about the industry and customer requirements.

“It’s been good to gain the end-user perspective, and see how my work can be applied in real-life situations.

“I recently took on the challenge of creating a data analytics tool that integrates multiple data points to produce an easy to use dashboard.

“From my own experience, it can be daunting to be in a course with mostly male students, but it helps that the female students support each other. Having a mentor is a great advantage, as they can boost your confidence and be a sounding board for ideas.

“My engineering hero is Michelle Simmons, who is a leader in the field of quantum physics and renowned internationally as a pioneer in atomic electronics. Her work inspires me to keep learning as much as I can, and be part of building the future.”

Social Responsibility

Babcock Australasia

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sponsorships

Committee Babcock is committed to supporting local communities and causes to improve social, health and economic outcomes. On behalf of our employees, the CSRS Committee supports community associations and not-for-profit organisations to improve social and health outcomes for vulnerable groups within our community.

Supported by Babcock, our people can volunteer their time and skills to community projects during work hours, such as outreach services and youth groups, to assist people who are disadvantaged physically, financially or emotionally.

Plan Zero 40

Babcock is committed to playing our part in addressing the Global Climate Crisis and we have pledged to reduce emissions to net zero by 2040.

We have signed the Business Ambition for 1.5o Pledge to limit global warming in line with the Paris Agreement, enabling us to join the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Race to Zero and the We Mean Business Coalition.

This pledge commits Babcock to setting science-based emission reduction targets aligned with 1.5oC, which we aim to achieve by 2030, and sets us on course for decarbonising our estate, assets and operations to reach our overarching goal of net zero emissions by 2040.

Perks & Benefits

Babcock Australasia

Babcock offers a flexible working environment, with work from home available for many roles and an ‘agile’ office setup with breakout areas and kitchens, as well as quiet rooms when needed.

Our people share their enthusiasm for sports through the ‘Club Hub’ for cycling and running, are well-read from our Babcock Bookshelf and enjoy time out together through our Social Club.

Babcock employees have exclusive access to benefits, wellbeing and discounted retailers from our BeRewarded program and from our corporate partnerships, including BMW, Bupa, ANZ and Microsoft.

The Babcock Training Academy is a commercial programme, which gives us access to leading-edge knowledge that we embed in our courses for individuals, businesses and industry participants.

Internally, we promote a collaborative working environment to share new ideas, experiences and customer solutions, which facilitates innovation. This is reinforced through our Reward & Recognition programme and regular Professional Development Reviews.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion diversity icon

Babcock Australasia

As a global company, Babcock is a business that unites people of many different skills and outlooks, and from many different backgrounds. To be the best – and to stay the best – we make sure we recruit, retain and reward the very best and most suitable people for the job, every time.

We believe that making the most of the differences in our workforce is key to the success of our business. A diverse mix of people brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, which helps in solving complex problems and achieving our business goals.

So when you apply for a role at Babcock you’ll be assessed purely on merit, regardless of your age, gender, race, religious beliefs or background.


LGBTIQ+ diversity icon

Babcock Australasia

At Babcock, we are passionate about creating an inclusive company – where everyone feels they belong.

We recognise there are challenges for LQBTTQI+ people in society and the workplace, and we are committed to ensuring everyone feels respected, included and supported.

Across our global company, we support Pride Month each year, encouraging all employees to participate and actively show support for LQBTTQI+ people.

In New Zealand, our people partner with the New Zealand Defence Force and have signed the Pride Pledge.

In the UK, Babcock launched our Babcock Trans and Non-Binary Policy, and work is underway to develop the policy for our global operations.


Gender Equality

Gender Equality diversity icon

Babcock Australasia

Babcock is committed to supporting gender equality. Today, when it comes to gender balance, women are significantly under-represented, particularly in senior roles. Females make up just 19% of our global workforce. We are determined to change this.

We are striving for a target of 30% women within senior leadership teams by 2025, and 30% female representation across Babcock at all levels by 2030.

We celebrate the strengths and successes of our female colleagues on International Women’s Day each year, as well as activities for International Women in Engineering Day. Babcock also supports up and coming female engineers through sponsorships and partnerships with universities and schools around the world.

First Nations

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders diversity icon

Babcock Australasia

Babcock acknowledges and respects the history, traditions and culture of the communities we serve, and of many of our people.

Across Australia and New Zealand, Babcock celebrates NAIDOC Week, Te Wiki o te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week) and National Reconciliation Week.

We partner with Supply Nation to expand our supply chain to include indigenous-owned businesses and suppliers across Australia. We have an equivalent commitment in New Zealand through the Amotai initiative.

We continue to provide major long-term sponsorship to Engineering Aid Australia and to Yalari, with one of our previous Yalari Scholarship students joining Babcock as an apprentice engineer at Barrow Island.

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

Babcock Australasia

Sustainability is at the heart of our business, and is a key part of our planning, our operational delivery and our approach to through-life support.

We are committed to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment, focusing on the safety of our people and ensuring a positive impact in the communities in which we operate. Our approach to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) is how we aim to deliver sustainably.


Incorporating sustainability into our everyday operations is key to ensure successful, long-term delivery outcomes and we have a responsibility to leave a positive impact on our environment.

We use innovative solutions to reduce our energy needs, while focusing on cleaner energy and other natural resources. We recognise that working sustainably makes strategic business sense. Group-wide activities support increasing local focus on managing clean inputs and also drive this agenda through activities that directly support our customers’ needs.

We take our responsibility for managing the impact of our operations and those of our supply chain on the environment seriously. We integrate environmental sustainability into our programme design, optimise use of resources and minimise waste through re-use and recycling.


We rely on the support and collaboration of local communities, small businesses and our people where we live and work to continue delivering critical support to customers for whom failure is not an option.

Our partnership with the communities in which we operate is at the core of Babcock’s business. We play an active part in our local communities to enhance development and inspire the next generation.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees is of paramount importance, as is the need to continually invest in them to ensure that we have the right people in place now and in years to come. We are also committed to providing a fair, equal and inclusive environment for all of our people.

At Babcock we believe diversity is about embracing the advantages people with different experiences, skills and outlooks can bring to our teams. We encourage a diverse and inclusive employee base where each person feels respected and able to fill their potential.


Babcock has always been and will always be committed to doing business honestly and openly. We hold our leaders to account for ensuring their businesses operate according to the standards we expect.

Our Code of Business Conduct lays out our policy of strict ethical conduct, highlighting the fundamental importance of conducting all business activities to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

We believe that ethical behaviour underpins our sustainability activities. We establish robust processes and controls to identify opportunities and manage corporate risks. We understand that our reputation and good name are amongst our greatest assets, which could easily be lost by actual or suspected unethical behaviour.

We partner with our supply chains to identify innovative solutions and ensure timely delivery of quality products and services. External expenditure via third party suppliers, including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), accounts for approximately 50% of our turnover and our approach and ability to manage these relationships impacts our ability to deliver performance and margin.

Social Responsibility


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