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At CUB, we are proud of the diversity of our people and of our products. We believe that for any company to truly succeed, it must be built with a foundation that includes all people. This means creating a fair and equal workplace for women – and making sure that equality is front of mind in everything that we do.

True equality for women is about creating an environment that empowers women towards their best selves. It is a total shift of the traditional workplace; to allow women to work in a way that does not require them to sacrifice their career ambitions in the face of personal responsibilities that fall disproportionally their shoulders.

To help guide us towards such change, CUB hosts the Amber League; a network to support women in the workplace. The Amber League hosts a range of activities and events to promote female empowerment, whilst also educating the wider business on the importance of gender equality.

Some highlights from 2019 include a networking event and presentation with Business Chicks founder, Emma Isaacs; discussing the challenges of being a woman in the workplace and the importance of creating a strong network. The Amber League also held a competition to brew a personalised beer in our micro-brewery. The winner, Carla Fowler, worked end to end in the brewery to create a Turkish Delight inspired brew; something that was hugely popular amongst her colleagues across the business.

We are also proud of our ‘How I Work’ policy. This allows for flexible working arrangements, so as to create an environment that allows each and every person to thrive; regardless of their chosen personal or family commitments.

We are dreamers at CUB, are we are working hard to ensure that equality is present throughout our business; because this dream shapes us as a company and as a people.

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