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We are proud of the hundreds of kind and generous testimonials our interns have written for us over the years. Please find a selection of a few below and keep checking back at this page for regular updated ones.

Please contact your nearest office and we can send you testimonials from students that attended the same university as you that interned in your sector of choice.

“For anyone considering an internship with CRCC Asia, I cannot recommend the service enough. You will enhance your CV in ways unimaginable, whilst simultaneously embarking on one of the best experiences of your life.”

Isabelle Dicks, University of Edinburgh, Green Technology Intern

“China gave me a massive self-confidence boost. You learn to trust your own abilities and you can demonstrate to employers that you are resilient. The experience looks great on my CV and it always comes up in interviews as employers are always so curious about China.”

Allie Kelly, University of Warwick, Business Intern

"On the CRCC Asia internship, I met loads of people from many different countries, quite a few of whom I am still in contact with four years on. A variety of people intern with CRCC Asia but they are all similar in that they take their careers very seriously. It was a great personal experience to meet those people but also brilliant professionally as I have built a strong network of people in business in Canada, Australia, the US and here in the UK.”

James Lennie, Nottingham Trent University, Business Intern

"I was apprehensive at first but mostly excited. When I landed in Shanghai and met the CRCC Asia team and the other interns, the nerves disappeared! It’s like going to Uni but you are abroad! My advice to future interns would be to take the risk! You will be delighted by the rewards of stepping outside your comfort zone!”

Rachel Lo, Middlesex University, Marketing Intern

"I now have great evidence for all the key skills that employers are looking for, as well as the fact that my skills were learnt overseas in a foreign working culture! It certainly gives me an edge. It also speaks volumes to the employer about me as a person."

Emily Ferris, University of Essex, Media intern

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