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Application Tips


In your resume include:

  • Work experience – this can include internships, work placement, volunteering, or paid work. List them all and highlight what you learnt during these experiences and how this aligns with the team you’re applying for.
  • Extra-curricular activities – include student societies you might be involved with, any hobbies or sports you love, hackathons or case studies you’ve entered.
  • Any additional training or certifications you have – anything you can include that shows us you’re proactively pushing yourself forward is a bonus! So don’t leave anything out.
  • Your passion, enthusiasm and motivation for a career in whatever speciality/team you choose – we need to know that you’re not just a good fit for us, but that we’re a good fit for you.

Other documents to include:

  • Proof that you’re eligible to work in Australia – this might include a copy of your Passport, VISA etc.
  • Your academic transcript


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