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Wellbeing at Deloitte


We understand the importance of wellbeing and know that there are different aspects that contribute to your wellness. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to develop a program: Wellbeing at Deloitte. We strive to promote and support a holistic approach which allows our people to realise their potential, both personally and professionally across all dimensions of wellbeing including:

Mental Wellbeing

Raising awareness about mental health and providing support when you need it.

Mental wellbeing initiative: Mental Health Awareness Month

We deliver educational activities delivered across the firm nationally during mental health awareness month and on R U OK day. These involved interviews and events with special wellbeing guest speakers, discussions around a range of self-care tools, and personal assessments to help you understand your overall wellbeing.

Physical Wellbeing

Making your physical health a priority, giving you the energy you need to be your best.

Physical wellbeing initiative: Step Up Challenge

Remove existing image at bottom of page. One of our most popular initiatives is the Step Challenge, where you’re encouraged to come together with your colleagues to reach a daily goal of 80,000 steps per team! This year, we had 518 teams participate. That’s more than 3,500 participants. Collectively, we walked 926,365,200 steps! That's 657,058 kilometres, or 16 times round the earth, or 1.7 times to the moon!

Social Wellbeing

Recognition for the value you bring and giving a sense of belonging at Deloitte.

Social wellbeing initiative: Recognition Program

We believe good work should be recognised. That’s why we’ve made it easy to share your appreciation for those who go above and beyond or excel at the work they do through a seamless recognition and rewards platform.

Financial Wellbeing

Supporting you with the knowledge you need to address financial concerns.

Financial wellbeing initiative: Financial Wellbeing Month

We hold informational sessions across the month to educate our employees on how they can make the most of their finances. Sessions focus on superannuation, budgeting, buying a home, investing, private health insurance, and other important topics that relate to your personal financial wellbeing.



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