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The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Network promotes and celebrates cultural and linguistic diversity across the Department of Health by recognising and encouraging contributions to public administration made by CaLD staff at all levels. The CaLD Network supports staff to share the wealth of their culture, display their talents and promote the appreciation of other cultures. The Network also collaborates and synergises with other CaLD networks.

The vision of the CaLD Network is to have a rich diverse and inclusive global culture across the department where all cultures fell represented in the department and are able to fulfil their potential as equal members of our community. Diversity powers our mission. Our strength, resilience and creativity derive from our different ages, backgrounds, caring responsibilities, cultures, neurodiversities, physical abilities, religions. We commit to a respectful and inclusive workplace where it is safe for our people to bring their whole selves to work. Our work is challenging, and experience shows that the best teams contain people from different backgrounds. Whether you require flexible working arrangements, celebrate particular holidays or have your own particular requirements to do your job to the best of your ability, we can support you.

The network can:

  • provide advice to the department on policy that affects staff or people in the community that come from a CaLD background, including the department’s employment agreement
  • organise and participate in awareness activities in the department and encourage greater diversity in the workplace • support and advocate for each other
  • mentor staff that come from a CaLD background
  • engage with the department and senior leaders on CaLD matters.

The network participates in a series of events each year to raise awareness and engage with each other, including Harmony Day and various Network activities designed to celebrate CaLD diversity and inclusion.



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