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Supporting intergenerational staff in the Department

The Department recognises and values the diversity of staff of all ages and the benefits that generational age groups can provide our organisation.

We are committed to engaging in ways to retain the corporate knowledge and career experience of our mature age workforce, while increasing representation and developing the skills of our younger workforce. This demographic of staff is known as intergenerational (under 25 and over 45 years of age).

Mature age workforce

Mature age staff bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills that are highly valued by the Department. We seek to attract mature age staff to assist in building our corporate knowledge and operational experience, as well as retaining these staff by providing a supportive and flexible work environment.

Flexible working arrangements are available to staff who are 55 years and over, to accommodate age related life commitments and we offer health and wellbeing programmes, such as the AgeWell Program, that provides a holistic approach to addressing the health needs of our ageing workforce.

Younger workforce

Younger staff play an integral role in improving our organisational performance, as well as being an important part of our succession planning. We must ensure that we continue to grow our future workforce in order to sustain our organisation’s effectiveness.

We support career pathways into the Department and professional development programs to grow the skills and knowledge require of our future leaders. Our internal leadership programs provide a pathway for leadership capability development as staff progress through the various levels of responsibility and influence.

Staff have the opportunity to engage with peers at forums and networks, in the Department and across the APS, as well as executive mentoring and buddy programs.


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