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GradConnection has been working with universities across Australia who have been focussing on providing a huge variety of jobs for their international students. Find your university below to access more of the most sought after opportunities around the globe.

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International Opportunities

International Student Opportunities

International Students are in high demand and in some cases have many more relevant opportunities than their domestic counterparts. Some Universities around Australia are helping to uncover these roles, in some cases exclusive to their students to make sure you can have the best possible start to your career after your studies.

Universities with International Job Portals and Resources

All portals and their jobs are limited to entry level, graduate and trainee positions – no experience necessary!

Overseas Opportunities & Home Country

Positions Many overseas employers are proactively targeting students who have left their shores to study overseas to return home at the end of their degree.

International employers are setting aside roles just for returnee students for the following reasons:

  • Quality – Employers are targeting students who have received a high quality of education and many of Australia’s universities feature in the top institutions globally
  • Style – Different style of study results in a more diverse set of skills joining an organisation through a trainee or graduate program
  • Communication - Many companies are looking for English competencies and language skills developed by studying abroad to help with the global nature of business
  • Cultural – Beyond language skills understanding and integrating with different cultures goes a long way towards working with geographically dispersed teams in a multinational company
  • Work Rights – There are no work rights with returning home after studies making it easy for companies to employ

Many student studying abroad don’t realise or see the efforts many companies overseas are going to around recruiting them so if you are an international studying overseas, make sure you check out your universities portals to stay up to date on the thousands of roles available just to international students.


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