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The Selection Process

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At Grant Thornton, we do things a bit differently. We want you to get to know us, understand what we can offer you, and listen to what others have to say about our firm.

Get to know us

It is important to do your research– explore our website, Facebook and LinkedIn page, and scroll through our Twitter feed. Have a look at what we do, and our approach to business. Where possible, make sure you speak to our representatives at key events (these will be advertised through social media).

Before you apply, make sure you know which of our service lines interest you.  You can learn more by reading about what each service line does by visiting out our website.  In addition, try completing our realistic job preview questions to see what it’s really like working for us.  Our student programs are designed to grow your skills, so don’t be afraid to try something a little different from what you might have studied at university.

Search for your dream role

Have a look at the positions that are currently on offer at our firm by visiting careers page. This displays all vacationer and new associate roles currently available across Australia. You can also search current job openings by using criteria such as location, job field and keywords.

Selection process

Step one: Apply online

We only accept applications that are submitted through our website. Before you start the process, make sure you’ve got these documents ready in an electronic format:

  • cover letter
  • CV
  • academic transcript

Once you’re ready to apply, give yourself some time to complete the application process. You can save your application at any point. We recommend that you submit your application as soon as possible to get yourself ahead of the game.

When you’re completing the forms, keep in mind that we’re looking for passionate people who are curious to learn new things. So, make sure you tell us about any extra-curricular activities you’re involved in, including committees, hobbies, part-time work, sports, travel and volunteering.

You’ll know within a few days whether you’ve been successful in progressing to the next round.

Note: please only apply once for each open role. If you’re open to working in other locations, please mention that in your application and don’t submit separate applications for different states.

Step two: The online assessment

If you’ve been successful in moving to the next stage, you’ll be sent an email asking you to complete an online abilities assessment. This will help us further determine your suitability and fit with us.

The tests will take about an hour to complete, and you’ll have 48 hours from the time you received the email to complete your assessments.

Complete your assessments on a computer with a reliable internet connection (preferably DSL) and a flash-enabled browser. Assessments will work on modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox and recent versions of Internet Explorer. We recommend completing the assessments on a desktop or laptop computer, and don’t use smartphones or tablets.

When completing the assessments, please ensure that you are in a quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed.

Step three: Let us get to know you

In the next stage of the selection process you will be invited to complete a video interview where you’ll be asked to answer a few role-specific questions. You’ll need to complete the video interview within 48 hours after receiving the invitation email.

This is your chance to make a strong impression. So, make it count by setting yourself up in a quiet, well-lit environment where you can concentrate. Treat it as a face-to-face interview, be specific in your answers and give examples where you can.

Again, you’ll need a reliable internet connection (preferably DSL), a flash-enabled browser (version 10.3), a webcam and a microphone. The interview will work on all modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer versions 7 through to 9).

You will have a trial example question at the beginning to get you used to how the system works. Each answer is timed so structure your answers well.

Step four: Assessment Centre

At this stage of the selection process you’ll have the opportunity to meet our team at the assessment centre. We know you’ve put lots of time and effort into the application process, and now we want to give you the opportunity to shine in person.

Our assessment days are designed to get the best from you, not intimidate you. You’ll be asked to complete a group activity, and interview with our People & Culture team and client-facing team members.

We won’t ask you to do a case study or presentation. But we want you to get involved with the activities and give your best in whatever you’re asked to do. Before you attend the day, have a think about these things:

  • what motivates you?
  • what questions do you have about our business – how we work, our clients, our industry and how you might fit into the business
  • how do you want your career to develop?
  • what are the common attributes of top performers?
  • what do you expect to accomplish in your first 12 months?

Step five: Meet the team 

Depending on which office you are interviewing with, you may be required to come back in to meet with a senior member of the team before a final decision is made. You’ve done the hard work by this point, so these interviews are really to see how you will fit into the team.

Step six: Receive an offer 

Following this process, a member of our People & Culture team will let you know whether you’ve been successful. Hopefully, you’ll receive some good news and receive an offer to join Grant Thornton. This marks the start of your career with us!

Once you’ve accepted our offer, we’ll give you your start date and discuss the onboarding process. Take a little time to celebrate your achievement – you’ve earned it!

Starting your career with Grant Thornton

From day one, we'll ensure that you have the tools that empower you to have a successful and meaningful career at Grant Thornton. We'll begin by matching you up with a buddy, and enrolling you in an orientation within your local Grant Thornton office, where you'll receive everything you need to become a part of our firm and begin your journey toward growth. We will be in contact with you throughout the year so that you can get to know us before you begin on your first day.


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