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Kimberly-Clark proudly strives to create better care for a better world – with great brands like Huggies® Kleenex® and UBK®. While growing our $20+ billion global business, we help build careers through collaboration, engaging experiences and endless opportunities to work with some of the world’s most recognized brands.

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About KC

Kimberly-Clark proudly strives to create better care for a better world.

Established in 1872 in Wisconsin, USA, Kimberly-Clark is now a leading global marketer of a wide range of Family Care, Baby and Child Care, Adult and Feminine Care, Personal Care, and Professional products for use in the home, business, and industry.

Our leading consumer brands like the Kleenex, Huggies, VIVA, U by Kotex, Poise, Depend brands improve the lives of people around the world. Every day, nearly a quarter of the world's population trust Kimberly-Clark brands to enhance their health, hygiene and wellbeing.

With 42,000 global employees and 700 employees in Australia & New Zealand, Kimberly-Clark ANZ is devoted to improving the lives of our people. Our local manufacturing facility is located in Millicent South Australia where our Kleenex, VIVA, Scott and Kimberly-Clark Professional tissue products are made.

Our Compass

Care is more than a word at Kimberly-Clark. It’s an action that has defined our culture for nearly 150 years. Care that generates the power to serve customers and consumers, build communities and careers, and improve the lives of billions of people around the world. Care that is purpose led and performance driven. Care that solves problems and elevates opportunities. Challenges the status quo. It’s empathetic on a global scale. It’s essential. Care that goes beyond what we make. Care that advocates for all people and their future is how we fight stigma, eradicate disease, and provide access to hygiene, health and dignity. 

Today, the care of 46,000 K-C employees touches one quarter of the world’s population every day. Yet, we know that we have yet to reach three quarters of the world. And for those billions, our care can’t wait.  It’s why we believe in Better Care for a Better World–a Purpose that matches legendary K-C care with unmatched levels of performance. Higher performance means we can do more to invest in our consumers, employees and communities. Protect our planet and unlock ingenuity. A constant pursuit and virtuous cycle of being. Care that only K-C can bring to the world. That Purpose leads our performance. Not just numbers or metrics. Care. Performance, to us, is defined by our real impact on people’s lives. It means caring for each other as employees and individuals. It means adapting to an ever-changing world -because the world desperately needs what we do. 

We bring our Purpose to life through our Compass, which guides how we care for each other and our business results. Borne out of our Purpose, our Values and Ways of Working combine to become a global force. One that doesn’t shy away from action.

Kimberly-Clark Graduate Program

We are launching our 2023 Graduate Program and would like to invite you to be a part of the journey! 

We are seeking talented individuals for 3 x 24-month Sales Graduate positions, commencing February 2023. 

Our Graduate Program involves rotations through the key aspects of the Sales function to give you the greatest exposure across multiple Sales disciplines and stakeholders. During each rotation, you will collaborate with the most talented and inspiring people in their field, work on meaningful projects with real ownership and make an active contribution to our business objectives. 

You will be coached and supported by a mentor, buddy and team leader, plus guidance along the way from our local HR team. We will provide you a tailored learning and development program to lift your core skills, in addition to complementing real job experience. 

Your program kicks off with an induction where you will meet our local executives and your fellow grads at our head office in North Sydney, giving you the opportunity to build your network from day-1.  

Our graduate placements are offered on a fixed term contract basis with the potential for a permanent role at the end of the program.

Graduate Employee Profiles

Kimberly Clark

Sunny He, Commercial Graduate

Kimberly Clark

Carolyn Tran, Marketing Graduate

Kimberly Clark

Lydia Hsieh, Sales Graduate

How would you summarise your role within Kimberly Clark?

Sunny: My role at KC as a Grad is to help teams in their various tasks & projects through my rotations within Finance, Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing and most importantly to learn from experienced professionals within the organisation. 

Carolyn: It is hard to summarise my role as a Marketing graduate as there is so many different aspects to it! So far, I’ve been involved in creating content and campaigns on Instagram and Facebook to drive brand awareness, including working with our agency partners and making sure I understand the overall brand strategy. 

Lydia: As the Sales graduate, I get to experience four very diverse rotations – the Field, Account Management, Marketing and Category. I’ve completed my 6 months in field which was a great experience for me to learn more about our products and how to execute in stores. Currently, I’m in my second rotation where I’m looking after a range of customers– from working across all categories in our E-commerce channels to managing the relationships with Baby Bunting, one of our key partners in the baby business. 

Why did you choose to apply for Kimberly Clark’s Graduate program?

Sunny: KC appealed to me because of its long successful history in Australia as well as the opportunity immerse myself in a company with a global reach. 

Carolyn: I felt as though the fast-paced nature of the FMCG industry was a perfect fit for my personality and skillset. Being on a Graduate Program involves many opportunities for personal and professional development and the rotational nature of the program (I rotate in Marketing and Sales) provides fantastic exposure to other business functions in order to develop my understanding of the company.  

Lydia: I’ve always been interested in the FMCG industry and was familiar with Kimberly Clark’s brands having read case studies on the success of some of our brands at university. It was also important to work for an impactful business with values that matched mine.  Lastly, I was searching for a grad program I believed would help me nurture and develop my career. 

What is one thing you love about Kimberly Clark?

Sunny: The people and how friendly and approachable everyone is in KC. 

Carolyn: The company culture – everyone I have met and interacted with has been very friendly, welcoming, and passionate about their work. 

Lydia: It would be the people I get to work with. I appreciate how peers across all teams are so inclusive, friendly and willing to help. I’ve met many peers who I can trust to always give me the best advice and act as role models for how I’d want to be as a leader in the future. 

What projects have you been involved in as a grad at KC?

Sunny: Within my Finance rotation I got the opportunity to work on an Internal Controls project as well as various Revenue growth Management Projects such as a pricing ladder project. Within my Supply Chain rotation I am currently working on an end to end loss analysis project. 

Carolyn: In my 7 months at KCA, I’ve already been involved in quite a few projects! I helped lead the product launch of VIVA D/L 12 pack in Costco and was so proud when I saw pictures of the product from the production line!! I also worked on the launch of VIVA Eco and VIVA Select A Size Double Length and get very excited when I see these products in store. 

Lydia: I’ve been involved in some projects that I’ve been able to take ownership of. What’s exciting is that the e-commerce space is growing so I’m currently working on new product launches for our e-commerce customers. I get to pitch customer strategy plans to the business where I propose which products to launch, work on a full year growth plan, and communicate with our customer to promote and execute our products on site.

Tell us about a nice encounter you have had with a co-worker.

Sunny: Too many nice encounters to list here, but in general people taking time out of their diaries to answer questions I have regarding tasks & projects.

Carolyn: Yes definitely! A big shout out to Ros who gave me home grown cumquats (when we were still in the office). It was so thoughtful of her especially as she cycles to work. 

Lydia: Bonding with my co-workers over the same TV shows we watch!

How would you describe the culture at KC?

Sunny: Friendly and welcoming.

Carolyn: I would describe the culture as fast paced, friendly and a lot of fun.

Lydia: Collaborative. Teamwork and communication are a part of how we work every day and really fuels our innovation and productivity. 

What has been the highlight of your experience at KC?

Sunny: The Finance team’s Big Day Out during my finance rotation where we went bowling.

Carolyn: The people I get to work with! My teammates are very approachable, hardworking, and driven but they always make time to answer my questions and give me advice and support. 

Lydia: Presenting a Shark Tank style project to the leadership team and having our Managing Director as our Sponsor! We were given the opportunity to come up with a fun and new product innovation to present to the Board and I really enjoyed this experience as I was able to spend more time working with the other grads. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to a new grad applying to work at KC?

Sunny: Be curious and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Carolyn: Don’t hesitate to put your application in! In all stages of the interview process, make sure to come equipped with knowledge about the company and why you’ve chosen to apply for Kimberly Clark. 

Lydia: Just be genuine, think about what you are passionate about and always ask questions. Consider what you want to get out of your experience as a graduate and make sure to take on every opportunity that comes your way.

About you

You are someone with a self-motivated, curious and open mindset. You have the ability to multitask and perform under pressure. Additionally, you will need to demonstrate:

Collaboration: gets others involved and motivates teams to solve complex problems and engages in co-creation

Perspective taking: embraces and leverages diversity of viewpoints, including those that conflicts with own beliefs.  Awareness of own perspective and invites others.

Learning agility: maximizes learning from experiences; solicits and internalized feedback to improve. Challenges the status-quo. Recovers from setback.

Critical thinking: getting to the best possible outcome, I can hold quality, hold tension and analyse a problem thoroughly.

Adaptability: adjustable to all kind of situations and people 

Creative thinking: seeks to generate new ideas and see things in a new way.

Drive to achieve: set goals and strives to achieve, persisting through obstacles, holding themselves accountable to deliver outcomes.

Leadership: takes responsibility to lead themselves, drive change and support others.

Digital IQ: awareness and appreciation of emerging technologies, data and digital eco-system.

We are not just looking for people with strong university marks. We hire more for aptitude and attitude not skills that you have already known! 

To be eligible for our Graduate Programs, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • Australia citizen or permanent resident or full working right visa; and
  • Undergraduate or postgraduate degree qualification completed within the last two years or by December 2022

Application Process

Our recruitment approach focuses on understanding your potential to fit within our values and culture. There are 4 easy steps to starting your career at K-C.

Step 1: Online Application & Assessment 

Please ensure you meet the essential criteria before submitting your application. 

Be ready to answer a few questions and attach your cover letter, resume and academic transcripts. In your cover letter, share with us why our graduate program appeals to you and why you believe you are the right fit for us. 

Step 2: Video Interview

If you make it through initial screening, you’ll be contacted by our Human Resources (HR) team for a video interview. We would love to get know you better! 

Step 3: Online Assessment

If your video interview is successful, you will receive an email inviting you to complete our online assessment process. 

Step 3: Interviews

If all goes well, you will be invited to attend a virtual interview with members of our HR team and business leaders.  We will ask you competency-based questions which focus on how you've used your skills, knowledge and experience. We may ask you to complete some additional assessment exercises like case studies or a presentation.  It also gives you an opportunity to ask us some questions. 

Step 4: Offers Made

If you are a great fit for our business, you will receive an offer to join us in 2023!

Social Responsibility

Doing the right thing for people and the planet

In Australia and New Zealand we are focusing on three key pillars to help deliver on these goals:

  • Making Lives Better by improving female empowerment, family health and wellbeing, and social connections.
  • Leaving the Smallest Environmental Footprint by reimagining our climate impact, materials and approach to waste.
  • Doing the Right Thing by looking after our people, supply chain & manufacturing, and community.

We encourage you to visit our progress at


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