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Q Can I submit my application outside of the application dates?

A We are unable to accept applications outside of the official dates as stipulated by the relevant state regulations/guidelines.

Q Can I post/email/fax my summer clerkship application?

A All applications must be submitted online via cvMail.

Q I am an international student, am I still eligible to apply?

A Due to immigration regulations, we will be unable to provide visa sponsorship to Graduates. Therefore, we are no longer able to accept applications from students that would not have the right to work in Australia as a Graduate.

Q I am in my final year or recent graduate, am I still eligible to apply?

A Whilst our summer clerkship program is aimed at penultimate year students. we do accept applications from final year students and recent graduates. If you did not apply for a summer clerkship during your penultimate year we would want to understand your reasons behind this decision.

Q I am in my third year, am I still eligible to apply?

A Whilst our summer clerkship program is aimed at penultimate year students, we appreciate that students take up a number of opportunities during their university career and may not be available during the summer of their penultimate year. If you are in your third year please specify why you are applying for a summer clerkship prior to your penultimate year.

Q I don’t have my most recent transcript, can I still apply?

A We understand that not all universities release their results prior to summer clerkship applications closing. You are able to submit your application without your most recent academic transcript. However, we will be unable to fully assess your application without your academic transcript, so do require one as soon as possible.

Q I don’t have any paralegal/legal experience, can I still apply?

A Prior legal experience is not a requirement for our clerkship program. Your application should focus on what you have learned and skills and knowledge you have acquired through the other experiences you have gained, whether that be through other employment, volunteering or life in general and how this will apply to your legal career.

Q Who should I address my cover letter to?

A Melbourne – Mark Enright   Perth – Sophie Birdsall   Sydney – Gemma Oldman

Q Where can I find information about the clerkship program in Brisbane?

A We do not currently run a clerkship program in our Brisbane office, we directly recruit graduates into our Brisbane office.

Q How many clerks do you take?

A Our clerkship intake is based upon business needs.

Q I have been invited to an interview. Who will I be interviewing with?

A You will participate in two rounds of interviews with a combination of Partners/Senior Associates and HR team members.

Q Can I do a part time/shorter clerkship?

A Please let us know early in the process if you need to do a part time/shorter clerkship due to other commitments. Any amendment to the clerkship timetable will be on a case by case basis.

Q Will I receive feedback during the clerkship?

A On the job feedback is provided throughout the clerkship and a performance review meeting with your supervisor and HR occurs at the end of each rotation to provide constructive feedback and to assist in your learning and development.

Q Do you have any open days?

A We do not have any open days. We take part in a number of university events in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney where you have the opportunity to meet us.

Q Do you have winter clerkships?

A Our Melbourne office offers a winter clerkship as well as a summer clerkship. We only run summer clerkship programs in our Perth and Sydney offices.

Q Do you have a separate graduate recruitment program?

A We directly recruit graduates into our Brisbane office.  Please refer to the Graduates section of our website for key dates. Our graduates for our Melbourne, Perth and Sydney offices are usually recruited from our previous seasonal clerks. However, from time to time opportunities might arise.


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