2025 KPMG Vacationer Program – Risk (Rolling Intake)

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 Applications for the 2024/25 Vacationer Program are still being accepted but will be added to our candidate pool for additional places – our main intake applications closed on 14th April.

Our candidate pool will be reviewed as additional places in our Vacationer Program come up, so please apply to still be in with a chance to start something big with us!

Why choose Risk as a vacationer? 

Balancing risk and reward is a fine art. It’s not just about identifying risks, but also innovative solutions. It’s being compliant but also competitive. Vacationer roles in risk are an opportunity to help organisations plan for and tackle what’s around the next corner, and the one after that too. You could be digging into model data to predict event likelihood, identifying measures to keep vulnerable people safe, or investigating opportunities to maximise investments in governance technology. 

Choose your pathway

Everyone’s career is different, and we support unique growth and pathways. With a range of disciplines and specialities, you can start in one place and go almost anywhere as you build your career here.

Apply to this Business, Consulting and Risk pathway and you’ll have the option to select up to three preferences for the stream of work you’re interested in. Not sure or open to something new? No preference means we’ll match you where your degree and interests fit. 

Location of this job: nominate your KPMG office location during the application process.

What is being a consultant?

You’ll be part of a team of experienced and early-career professionals who work on solving problems. The client (they could be an international company, a local charity, a small business) brings us a challenge and we create a team and a plan to help solve it. That team will be made up of colleagues from several disciplines and backgrounds so we bring the best ideas to the table – there might be forensic accountants working alongside a supply chain specialist and human rights experts. 

The work depends on the client and the problem you’re helping them solve. You might be researching and gathering information, like how have we helped another client with a similar challenge and how new technologies could help, updating project plans, as well as the delivery of the solution your client selects.

About the vacationer program

For students in their second-last year of study in 2024 

• Real work from the start so you can make an impact and learn straightaway 

• Start work approx. November with a job for 4-8 weeks to learn real-world work skills during your study vacation time

• Opportunities to move directly into our graduate program: a one-year program after you graduate with targeted coaching, support and development.

What vacationers and grads say

It’s a safe environment learn, grow, and even try and fail under some great mentors in my team. We all look out for each other when there are difficult and new tasks. (Cici, 2021 grad) 

Whether it’s a client or other people around the office, I enjoy getting to know other people from all walks of life. (Tim, 2023 grad)

I’m truly part of the team working on the project. My team support me to give things a try and learn as I work. (Matt, 2023 vacationer) 

Learning about the workings of the world and having the tools and skills to develop viable solutions for all sorts of problems is why I love my job. (Kanwal, 2023 grad)

It's nice to be able to finish a job and sit back and be proud of the work we accomplished as a team. (Jessica, 2023 grad)

Big things on offer

- Coaching and feedback as standard: your own performance development manager and your broader team will help you build your skills with coaching and continuous feedback.

- Focus on your interpersonal skills: you got the degree, now learn how to use it in a corporate career by applying your knowledge to real world problems and people.

- True commitment to wellbeing, diversity and community: we regularly track our progress on 21 public commitments we’ve made on governance, people, planet and prosperity in our Impact Plan, such as our gender pay gap, indigenous inclusion, mental health, learning and more

- Employee discounts: at 100s of stores (like JB HiFi, Woolworths, Airbnb and more) with our SmartSpend app

- Build your network, friendships and interests: clubs for a variety of interests from running to books, cooking, badminton, card games and so much more. 

About KPMG

In short, we’re the Australian arm of a global network of professional firms providing a full range of services to organisations across a wide range of industries, government, and not-for-profit sectors. We have deep expertise in audit and assurance, tax and advisory.

Ready to apply?

Get started now with the five-minute application form - you only need to complete one application form. If you’re interested in multiple areas, you can select them in your one application.

If you’re eligible, you’ll receive our online testing information and be placed in our candidate pool for additional places to open in the 2024/25 Vacationer Program.  

During your recruitment journey, information will be provided about adjustment requests. If you require additional support before submitting your application, please contact our Talent Support Team - email: [email protected]  

Closing in 3 months
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Closing in 3 months
  • Job type:Internships
  • Disciplines:
    Accounting, Banking and Finance, Computer Science,
  • Work rights:
    Australian Permanent Resident, New Zealand
  • Work from home:Hybrid remote
    Hybrid remote

    Employees are allowed to work remotely some of the time but most of the work is done at the company’s physical office. Remote work is considered a perk or a privilege. For example, an employee may work from home for 1-2 days per week.

  • Locations:
    Canberra, Newcastle, Parramatta,
  • Closing Date:30th Oct 2024, 12:59 pm


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