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About us

Law Society of New South Wales

From statutory obligations to representative functions, the responsibilities of the Law Society of NSW are numerous and so are the interests we seek to serve.

In carrying out our duties we strive to uphold the guiding principles expressed in our Vision and Mission statements. Our initiatives are focused on the following areas.

Enhancing the profession’s voice

We act as the voice of the legal profession, representing the interests of over 27,000 members, encouraging debate and actively driving law reform issues through policy submissions and open dialogue with Governments, parliamentary bodies, the Courts and the Attorney General’s Department. 

Regulating the profession

Endowed with co-regulatory duties with the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner, we set and enforce professional standards, license solicitors to practise, investigate complaints and administer discipline to ensure that both the community and the profession are properly served by ethical and responsible solicitors. 

Guiding the profession

We provide confidential guidance to solicitors about all aspects of the Legal Profession Act 2004 and its associated regulations. To complement assistance across sensitive ethical and compliance issues, we also help solicitors comply with their professional development obligations.

Uniting the profession

We unite the profession, helping members across the state stay in touch with legal developments and with fellow solicitors through a range of publications, networking opportunities and regional law societies

Supporting members

We provide a wide range of services to our members to assist them in their professional and personal lives, so that they can provide a better service for their clients and uphold the integrity of the profession. 

Connecting the profession and the community

The Law Society not only represents solicitors and the profession. We ensure the general public has appropriate access to justice and can be easily connected to members of the profession when they require legal advice.


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