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Our graduate program


We do have a graduate program. However, be aware that this is not your typical graduate program you’re used to!

So, what is different I hear you asking?

  • We hire throughout the whole year - you can join us at any time!
  • The interview process is short and sweet, can be done in about 2 weeks! And the good news is, no long winded assessments needed... 
  • The program has a structure, however, the sky is the limit. How quickly you grow, depends only on you!

We call it the graduate management program and it has 3 stages.

It has 3 stages which provide you with a potential trajectory of your career path at Meltwater.

Here's how it works:

  1. You start as a Media Sales Consultant. Here, you'll learn all the ropes of business to business sales and become an expert on our platform, media intelligence and develop all of your best business acumen. This is where every Meltwater director started. How quickly you progress, that is really up to you as we promote based on merits, not longevity. On average, you’ll be in this role for about 12 months but we have had awesome legends who were promoted only after a couple of months.

  2. Sales Manager. Here, you'll be a part of recruitment, training and managing a team. You'll be responsible for both team and individual targets and you'll act as a mentor for our up-and-coming.

  3. Managing Director. This is true leadership. You'll be responsible for the development of the whole Client Acquisition team and you'll be reporting to board and group management.

Meltwater values hiring on potential rather than experience. Rest assured, we'll ensure you're fully prepared and geared for success. We have lots of training and development in place in both media intelligence and all things sales! The training doesn't stop here – throughout your management program you'll constantly be mentored by senior staff.


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