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Our Graduates


“What I like most about the program is that the training and development is on the job and practical. The workshops are targeted at what we need to know and reinforced by what we do on the job.The other thing is knowing that you are on a fast track to building a career rather than waiting around at the bottom of the ladder.

I also enjoy getting the opportunity to see how everyone goes about each role in each store and seeing how different people in the business work together.

We are exposed to a range of different personalities and how they are approaching what they are doing to get several perspectives.

It was easy to fit into the company because everyone is very accepting. The support staff create an inviting atmosphere where things work like clockwork. This makes my development simple and easy to follow. I always feel like there is an ear available to listen to me.

There is the added bonus of working through it as a team of graduates. Although we progress in our own way, we have a network of graduates, working together, rather than battling against each other.”


“I have really enjoyed the diversity of work, moving around to find out about different opportunities in different areas of MM. Working with different management styles, I am able to pick up the good parts and use these to make me stronger in my own career.

Through the program I have been able to develop a network with suppliers, customers, managers, other staff and the other graduates. I’m sure these relationships will be invaluable for me throughout my career.

The feedback is open and they have been fantastic with suggestions.”


“The best part of the program is that they are open to new ideas and feedback on my development. They are accommodating to what we want to do to help us learn.

Also the on-going product training has been really valuable and has helped me to get a good grasp of the industry. The fact that we are experiencing different roles and seeing those who are successful is important in helping us learn. The program sets us up a career path with stepping stones.

I don’t think many other grad jobs would let us bring our ideas forward as much as MM have.”


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