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MYOB began 28 years ago with the promise of offering ‘incredible accounting software’ to small business. This software made their life easier by taking away the drudgery and frustration of running a business, making it easier for people to focus on what was important to them.

Today MYOB extends well beyond accounting software into a vast range of business and finance solutions perfect for start-ups to bigger businesses. We know that behind every single business there is a person or a team of people, each with their own goals and ambitions. However these people define success, MYOB exists to provide smart, easy to use solutions that match their ambition and help them on that journey. That’s why at MYOB we help businesses succeed.

MYOB has a host of intelligent and intuitive tools which not only make life easier for our clients, but also enable them to achieve their goals and ultimately succeed in their terms. Over the next three years we will create an unparalleled business management platform which will seamlessly connect businesses, their accounting partners and an eco-system of add-on solutions. The platform and the connections it will create will enable MYOB to deliver even more value to our clients and, ultimately, make every facet of business life easier.

No business understands better than MYOB that business isn’t just business, its personal. Every person who starts a business does so for a reason that is personal to them. So too is their definition of success. Some look to conquer the world, some to set themselves up for later in life, and some people start a business simply to help them find the life in work-life balance. If success means balancing work and life, then they may prefer their accountant to do most of the bookkeeping for them. Those looking to grow need to make informed, financial decisions to remain in control. Whatever the personal definition of success, we help people in business achieve it.


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