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Our Graduate Trading Program


Our Graduate Trading Program

Trading is joyful chaos. It's a festival of noise and excitement, as the world's sharpest minds try to find the solution. Our traders share market insights and strategies, collaborating on their next move. The most exciting days are the ones that defy prediction, where the market throws uncertainty at you, and all you can do is respond. And you can be a part of it, by joining our graduate Trading program.

Graduate Screen Trader

Graduate Screen Traders work at the forefront of the market. You'll solve dynamic problems every day. You'll monitor and assess markets, looking for opportunities to improve pricing, execution and risk management. Change is constant - there's no time to stand still. You'll be continually refining your strategy. Stay on your toes and ahead of the competition. Every day provides a new challenge and new knowledge. And with teams across the business at your back, you'll have everything you need to improve the market.

Graduate Wholesale Trader

Wholesale Traders engage with our external trading partners such as brokers and banks. Your communication skills are vital, and your ability to stay focused and handle pressure is core to your success. You'll be responsible for maintaining critical international relationships, managing large portfolios, making fast decisions and handling high volume trades. You have a real passion for quantitative problems and a flair for numbers. Most of all, you have an inherent drive to work in a rapidly-changing, sometimes uncertain environment.

What do we look for?

You don't need to understand the financial markets. We'll teach you that. You are a conceptual thinker who loves solving problems and coming up with new ideas. You've got a flair for numbers and the ability to think on your feet. You're decisive. You are results-driven. You operate well in a fast-paced world. You are curious and always want to know the 'why'. You'll also need:

  • A course of study in Maths, Statistics, Physics, Engineering (all), Computer Science, Actuarial Studies, Applied/Quantitative Finance or Econometrics.
  • To be a final-year/Honours/Masters/PhD student or a recent graduate (Up to 4 years)
  • To be an Australian/New Zealand Citizen or Australian Permanent Resident
  • Skills in programming or statistical analysis are excellent to have, but we can teach you this if you're not there yet.

Trading application process

Our Trading Graduate applications close Apr 10. That doesn't mean you should wait until then to get your name in the ring. We have start dates both at the beginning and middle of each year.


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