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Creating equal opportunities for women

At PwC, we work hard to address issues of gender equality in the workplace. By empowering female career advancement we not only create gender equality, we also create more diversified workplace communities. This means we’re better equipped to solve society’s most significant problems because we are able to view them through the most holistic lens.

This is why our community, both locally and globally, is committed to supporting all our people and to challenge the stereotypes experienced by people of all genders. We do this by actively addressing the barriers to equality and continuously creating an inclusive culture.

As a Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) Employer of Choice for Gender Equality, we’re proud of the work we’re doing to achieve gender equality throughout our firm and are dedicated to ensuring all of our people (regardless of whether their unique differences are visible or not) are equally supported throughout their respective careers. In addition, our CEO Luke Sayers is a Male Champion of Change and a WGEA pay equity ambassador.

As the first Australian professional services firm to go public with our partner and employee gender pay gaps, we are proud to say that in like-for-like roles our gender pay gap is 0 per cent. In saying this, we recognise there is still a long way to go. We’re also transparent about our overall pay gap of 11% which we are actively working to reduce. We ensure all of our employees are fairly remunerated by maintaining a fair and unbiased process for all pay and promotion decisions.

Developing the next generation of female leaders and seeing more women take up leadership positions is important to us. We’ve set some of the most progressive targets out there and work hard to ensure the process when it comes to pay and promotion is both fair and unbiased.

We are committed to creating a culture where women are able to progress in their chosen careers without any fear, concern or guilt of competing family or personal demands. We have a number of benefits that help support this such as 18 weeks paid parental leave inclusive of all genders, adopters, foster carers, surrogacy and stillbirth, a domestic and family violence policy including unlimited paid leave, flexible work options, support for parents, female talent identification and sponsorship programs, ongoing coaching and inclusive leadership training.

Anyone can join our national employee-led gender equality network ([email protected]) which runs events and forums both within the firm and beyond to advance gender equality. This network facilitates the development of both men and women through opportunities that connect, inspire and empower.

Let’s talk facts

89% of our people feel their immediate manager supports gender equality.

83% of our people currently use one or more types of flexibility in the way they work.

0% pay gap in like-for-like roles at PwC Australia.

50% of our people are women.



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