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QBE aims to establish a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the diversity of our customers and the communities we work within. QBE is committed to building significant, long-standing partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations, demonstrated through several initiatives, including Jawun secondments, philanthropic support and volunteering via the QBE Foundation and our sponsorships. Our RAP formalises this commitment and the RAP Committee’s primary objective is to facilitate its delivery.

Our original Innovate RAP was published in 2015 and our journey since has seen some great progress across our organisation. QBE has taken on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander interns through CareerTrackers who have brought so much to our business, in terms of skill, enthusiasm and also helping us talk about reconciliation across our teams. We worked with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to develop artwork that tells the story of QBE and have several prints standing in our major offices, with the intention to display artwork and recognition of Traditional Owners in all offices. We have seen the profile of our Jawun secondees grow, as our internal communications channels provide new and interactive ways for them to share their stories of community once back at QBE.

The RAP Committee Charter was republished in October 2017. This document outlines the expectations and commitments of the RAP Committee members, with a strong emphasis on adherence to RAP Committee vision and values. The RAP Committee seeks a stronger presence in our regional offices, with the ambition of having a truly national RAP Committee within the current term of this RAP. Our footprint and ability to bring change continues to grow as we learn more about our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees, partners and customers. Our RAP committee and our senior leaders at QBE have a passion to make a difference, and work towards reconciliation and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inclusion at QBE.

We see the next two years of this Innovate RAP as a really important and exciting time for our organisation, our partners and for the community. The RAP Committee recognises that real change takes time, but we have achieved a lot and there is now a sense of momentum. We are committed to taking the next steps forward in our RAP journey, to making positive change, and to really making a difference!


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