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Ed James

Ed James

University: University of Melbourne

Degree: Master of Engineering (Electrical with Business)

Office & team I was in: I was with the Property team in the Melbourne office

Overview of what I did during my time at Quantium: I worked on a variety of projects during my internship - so the work was always fresh! This ranged from optimising internal processes within the property team to delivering reports for shopping centres and other property clients

Working at Quantium is like: A feast of mental stimulation. There's so much to sink your teeth into. Every bite is different, but just as delicious as the last!

Key takeaways from my internship: Data analytics is a fast-growing, exciting industry to get into; particularly if you enjoy problem-solving and working with numbers. With its fun and supportive culture, Quantium is the perfect place to kick-start your career

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Jennifer Chen

University: Monash University

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce/Laws

Office & team I was in: Melbourne Banking & Wealth - NAB Dedicated

Overview of what I did during my time at Quantium: Worked closely with the NAB team to help brainstorm factors and develop predictive models

Working at Quantium is like: Nothing I have done before. The work was challenging but interesting, and you get to do it with a group of fun and smart people!

Key takeaways from my internship: The world of coding isn’t as scary as it seems! The power of data analytics is incredible and the future in the industry is extremely exciting, and Quantium is at the forefront of it all! (And free breakfast is an amazing perk!)

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Sandra Kanjian

University: University of New South Wales

Degree: Bachelor Degree in Actuarial Studies/Commerce

Office & team I was in: Sydney, Insurance 

Overview of what I did during my time at Quantium: Establishing the initial pricing structure of insurance products for a start-up company using software, such as excel, SAS and SQL. 

Working at Quantium is like: very fun, lively environment - never a dull moment. I was surrounded by brilliant-minded individuals who taught me a lot throughout my internship. 

Key takeaways from my internship: ask help when needed, but have a go at challenging tasks first. 

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Katie Gray

University: The University of Queensland

Degree:  Bachelor of Information Technology/Science

Office & team I was in:  Brisbane, Insurance

Overview of what I did during my time at Quantium: I worked on establishing a pricing structure for a new insurance company. We analysed rates to develop a data-backed model for their premiums. More generally this involved lots of thinking, coding, excel spreadsheets and cups of tea!

Working at Quantium is like:  Being invited to dive into the deep end in front of a team of fully-trained life guards. I was working on tasks that were very new to me, but the people I worked with were so knowledgeable and supportive that I never felt like I would fail. I had numerous questions every single day and always received patient, clear and helpful answers.

Key takeaways from my internship: I learnt that there’s no reason to settle in terms of finding company culture that’s a perfect fit. Ideal work environments do exist and they facilitate productive, happy employees.   

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Grover Lin

University: Australian National University

Degree: Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Economics

Office & team I was in: Quantium Health, Sydney

Overview of what I did during my time at Quantium: Worked on a highly confidential project for a large-scale client applying predictive modelling techniques (not too much more I can share due to confidentiality, but I can definitely say it was amazing and there was a lot of client-facing time).

Working at Quantium is like: enjoying any hobby. You enjoy what you are doing, you have a say in what area you would like to work on and there is always someone to help you if you get stuck!

Key takeaways from my internship: This is your time to make mistakes and learn! Also, work doesn't actually have to be boring and routine... There are so many complex problems out there and Quantium is definitely at the forefront of innovation. 

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Wen Dou

University: Australian National University

Degree: Bachelor of Law (LLB) and Actuarial Studies

Office & team I was in: Sydney, FMCG Analytics

Overview of what I did during my time at Quantium: During my time at Quantium, I worked alongside other analysts in helping with data manipulation and analytical examinations of data. Together with the client leads, we worked as a team to answer the different questions that clients had and address their concerns as best as possible using the data that we had. 

Working at Quantium is like: Constantly challenging yourself to learn new things and been surprised at how fast time passes everyday. 

Key takeaways from my internship: Every thing has to start somewhere, never be afraid to learn something new and see where it can take you from there.   

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Ashleigh Lau

University: Queensland University of Technology

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Physics) and Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)

Office & team I was in: Brisbane office (Retail)

Overview of what I did during my time at Quantium: I was lucky enough to work on multiple projects in Retail, Insurance and FMCG which gave me a great insight into the various kinds of work Quantium does. I primarily worked on a retail project where I used Quantium’s big data analytics platform, Mustang, to analyse data that was then used to create heat maps and insights to present to the client

Working at Quantium is like: Lots of fun! You’re surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things. I thoroughly enjoyed the work and felt like I learned so much during my internship. But the people and the culture at Quantum are what really made my internship a pleasure. Everyone I worked with was approachable, friendly, helpful and super dooper smart

Key takeaways from my internship: The experience I had during my internship at Quantium completely exceeded all my expectations and showed me that there are so many different ways I can apply the analytical skills I’ve gained through university


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