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Urban Utilities is working towards a workforce that is genuinely inclusive and better reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.

Our approach is to acknowledge and understand that Urban Utilities must embrace a “whole of person” and “whole of organisation” approach to truly benefit from, and embrace diversity and inclusion.

We acknowledge that there are real opportunities and challenges for people both in our organisation and in our communities and we are working towards:

  • Understanding and addressing any structural barriers (real or perceived) to employment or potential employment due to personal circumstance or characteristic;
  • Embedding and normalising diversity and inclusion practices in business and operational plans;
  • Ensuring our culture consistently supports safety, visibility and inclusion for all employees; and
  • Continuing to elevate our reputation as a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We understand that people are diverse in their thinking, values, learning and communication styles. They have diverse experiences, insights, views, skills and abilities, and require different support and opportunities to make their best contributions at work. Acknowledging that people are diverse in the way they like to work, socialise and interact with each other ensures that we respect and incorporate all aspects of the people that make up our organisation.

We’ve built the foundation for diversity, with progress being achieved in the areas of gender balance, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, Youth and Multiculturalism and a number of key partnerships in place to integrate programs such as Career Tracker Internships, Welcome to Work, Girl Shaped Flames, Graduate Program and Returned Services Work Placements.

At Urban Utilities we value everyone’s contribution, and continue to foster diversity and inclusion as part of our commitment to full participation in our communities.


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