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Readygrad began 15 years ago in 2005 when, whilst working as graduate recruiters, we noticed many graduates were coming to us with the same problem:

‘How can I pursue the career of my dreams without the experience that so many companies are looking for?’

They were struggling to get the first opportunity in the field that they’d spent years preparing for.

Graduates face the same ‘catch-22 situation’ today; ‘How do you get experience if you don’t have any experience in the first place?’

We set about working to change the employment landscape, bridging the gap between university and professional employment, with our Professional Internship Program.

Fast-forward to 2020 and we’ve established our Professional Internship Program Australia wide. We have given over 21,000 graduates the opportunity to intern at over 6,250 host companies. We work with companies in all kinds of industries, including many of Australia’s biggest and most recognisable brands. We work hard to match the right interns with the right opportunities to accelerate their careers.

Cut through the competition and fast-track your career goals with Readygrad’s Professional Internship Program.


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