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Sellcrowd is Australia’s largest sales hiring platform and sales training academy. We equip students with the training they need to succeed in sales and find the perfect fitting sales role for them inside the best companies and startups in Australia.

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Sellcrowd – Sales Careers for Students


Sellcrowd is Australia’s fastest growing sales hiring marketplace website and online sales training academy. 

We partner with the best companies in Australia and beyond to supply them with students and graduates starting out their career in one of the most lucrative professions that a student can choose – sales.

Sellcrowd provides extensive free and paid training to all students and graduates that gives them a serious advantage in the workforce.

We also specialise in creating flexible income opportunities for students so they can fit their work around their studies. Many sales roles we offer are part time and paid by the hour.

Sellcrowd is changing the way companies and people view sales. It’s no longer about the pushy salesperson and cold calls – it’s about problem solving and helping businesses grow.

If you want to explore a career in sales, join Sellcrowd today.

Sales Intern Success


Sellcrowd interns benefit in the workforce by portraying a premium, sales-specific persona to potential employers.

Top performing sales interns can even win a sales role with Sellcrowd itself and work their way into a Sales Management role through our career progression modules.

Sellcrowd Sales Intern Case Study:

“I did a 3 month sales internship with Sellcrowd that taught me an incredible amount about sales. From a position of no practical experience in sales, I learnt Sales 101, prospecting, presenting, CRM use, LinkedIn lead generation and more. I booked meetings and had valuable sales conversations with companies such as Westpac and RateCity in less than a month. 

At the end of the Internship, I was able to use the very sales tactics I learnt to help land a sales role with an exciting, fast growing company, and I’m really happy with how my sales career is progressing. Highly recommend the Sales Internship with Sellcrowd”

Allene Michaels
Former Sellcrowd Sales Intern
Currently SDR @ Employment Hero

Social Responsibility


Sellcrowd takes social responsibility seriously. We are a member of the Atlassian 1% corporate social initiative, pledging 1% of our profits to good causes around the world.

Sellcrowd is also launching an ‘Impact Based Selling’ initiative in 2021, which will enable our global sales community to do more good in the world by actively helping socially responsible companies (such as those in the scientific, renewables or non profit sectors) sell more and generate more revenue.

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Why Join Us?


Here are some of the benefits you’ll get when you join Sellcrowd:

  • Discover how to land a sales job and build a six-figure career in sales  
  • Learn why sales is recession proof, and how the soft skills you learn in sales make you invaluable in the corporate world
  • Find paid sales internships with top corporate brands and exciting startup companies
  • Access free and paid sales training that will jumpstart your career in sales
  • Find flexible sales roles that you can work in your spare time around your studies


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