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I’m Jonathon. I completed the National Graduate Program last year and am now working in Programme Assurance and Coordination.

My team is the contact point between the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Office and the agency. I’m part of the quality assurance team and we provide responses to Ombudsman investigations. My role involves collating and reviewing responses from different business teams.

I like doing investigations that are complex and challenging. These can take weeks to complete, as you may need to re-write and redraft responses multiple times. However, when you finally piece all the relevant information together, it is deeply satisfying. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle at times, you need to have all the pieces to complete the final picture.

Working in this team has given me a good understanding of the agency. I’ve learnt a lot about what other areas do and how they connect to the agency as a whole.

For me, the main benefit of the program is the level of respect I’ve received from my colleagues. I’ve had a good level of autonomy to complete tasks and projects from my team. As a graduate you’re also in a position where you’re not expected to get everything right.

Something you shouldn’t take for granted is the opportunity to do a rotation in an area of your interest. You often hear about what other business teams and graduates are working on. As a generalist, you get the chance to join an area you’d like to learn more about. This is a rare opportunity most people aren’t fortunate enough to experience in their careers.

The best thing about the program is how quickly I’ve become great friends with other graduates. Moving to a new state can be challenging. But most grads will be experiencing many of the same issues. These people will soon become your support base and you will become theirs.


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