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I’m Nicole. After completing the grad program in 2018 as a generalist, I’m now a fraud analyst.

As a fraud analyst at Services Australia, my job has a real sense of purpose. My team prevents fraud by examining Services Australia’s processes and systems from the perspective of a fraudster. I can see how my work contributes to fraud prevention and protecting the integrity of our agency.

Joining the agency as a generalist in the grad program was a great way to start. It’s a great way to explore your interests and try out something new. As a graduate, you get exposed to the important work the agency does. I gained an appreciation for all the hard work that goes into running Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support. These are some of the most important programs in Australia. They really keep our country running.

What surprised me was the number of opportunities the grad program provided me. I was able to explore areas of interest for my prospective career. The agency is massive, and there are so many opportunities on offer.

Going through the program helped me get into my current work area. I had no idea how much I would enjoy it. I love the dynamic nature of the fraud environment. It’s ever-changing, with new technologies and threats all the time. I’m involved in our planning sessions. In those, we put on our fraudster hats and brainstorm ways someone may commit fraud against the agency. We have to consider the things that might motivate and enable people to commit fraud. We also get to ethically hack the agency’s fraud controls to identify vulnerabilities.

I support the senior fraud analysts in my team. I take detailed notes at stakeholder meetings and am involved in discussions relating to control evaluations. I enjoy proofreading and editing reports and other documents for the team. I learn a lot when I’m editing documents. Since our work touches on many different topics, the more documents I proofread, the more I learn.

Additionally, my team has taken notice in my interest in graphic visualisation. I have been extremely fortunate to have had many opportunities to use my visualisation skills in my work. I create infographics and complex process maps and I visualise new concepts and ideas.

So even though I work in fraud, I get to do so many different things in a day. And if my work gets tedious, I remind myself of the important impact of our work on our customers.

I would say that the biggest benefit of the grad program is the network of people you get to know. Beginning your career with such a big cohort of likeminded graduates sets you up with an excellent network. The program also matched me with a mentor, who I went to for advice and words of wisdom. I am appreciative of all the opportunities the grad program gave me. I have been able to expand my network and to explore my interests in a friendly environment.


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