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Hear from our graduates and interns


Right from the start, our graduates and interns are given challenging hands-on role, working in a diverse, collaborative, global environment.

Hear what our Shell Graduates and interns have to say about working for Shell?

Jessica Polkinghorne

Reservoir Engineer, Australia

“The internship gives you a sense of responsibility in a global organisation from day one. Your work is challenging and you are given accountability to deliver innovative and viable solutions to add value to the business. You gain industry exposure that is world-class and have the opportunity to grow a global network of colleagues and contacts.”

Fiona Lake Static

Mechanical Engineer, Australia

“During my time at Shell I’ve already gained a lot of site experience, like when I was based at the Queensland Gas Company and having a fly-in fly-out role. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel a lot for my job, including to South Korea. While the job can be challenging, I’ve always wanted a role that will help me grow rapidly, professionally and personally. At Shell, opportunities arise all the time, you just need to grab them if you know it’s something that you want.”

Grace Henry

Process Engineer, Australia

“Coming back to Shell two and a half years later as a graduate, I was happy to see that the project I developed during my internship has actually been useful for Shell. This showed me how seriously Shell takes the internship programme, giving interns real responsibility and projects that matter to the business.

Shell fosters a very inclusive environment, and a lot has been done to promote women in the business. There are plenty of female role models within the company and, in fact, the current head of Shell is female. Here at Shell we’ve done a great job making sure that we recruit a lot of female engineers. Never have I once felt that my gender has negatively impacted me or the business. Besides gender inclusivity, we also have an indigenous reconciliation action plan group and other great social groups that promote diversity and inclusion within the business.”

James Fowler

Static Mechanical Engineer, Australia

“During the recruitment process, I was interviewing the company as much as they were interviewing me. I gained a detailed understanding of the culture at Shell and knew it was a good fit for me, and a great place to start my career – I felt the company’s values were aligned to mine. It felt like the recruiters had a genuine interest in me, my interests, and my ambitions. They also wanted to find out if I would fit in with the company culture.

I've been able to demonstrate leadership potential by founding an employee network. I saw a gap in the Australia office as we didn’t have an LGBTI network like they do in other countries. I was able to put a business case forward, as well as a moral case, and present it to our country leadership team. They gave us a green light and the funding to start a new employee network. Being able to integrate your external passions into your work-life is a really great and fulfilling feeling. If you’ve got the hunger to make things happen, Shell will support you.”

Joanna Wong

Process Technical Safety Engineer, Australia

“I had a really fulfilling experience spending two weeks on our midstream asset in Gladstone and Curtis Island. I was there for a turnaround and there were more people on site than during day to day operations, so I was able to experience a lot of different things. There were plenty of jobs going on and a lot of permits being issued. Every day was new and exciting, it was actually like a personal accelerated learning programme. I got involved in almost every part of the turnaround, giving me good overview of what was being done and the things that were changing. Being involved in incident investigations meant I got to sit in on workshops and go through root cause analysis and do risk assessments. It was especially valuable being able to talk to the leaders when they did their leadership walk downs.”


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