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The Leadership Development Program

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Through Teach For Australia, you’ll find that classroom leadership builds a foundation for long-term impact.

The Leadership Development Program offers a combined postgraduate education and employment opportunity like no other. Associates develop essential leadership skills while gaining context, clarity and conviction as part of a global movement dedicated to achieving equity in education.

Over two years, Associates:

  • teach at a school serving a low socioeconomic community, with full salary and benefits;
  • earn a Master of Teaching (Secondary)(Professional Practice) through the Australian Catholic University (ACU) on an assisted scholarship;
  • participate in targeted professional development that is tailored to experience and context; and
  • receive one-on-one coaching and mentoring to accelerate personal, professional and academic growth.

Through the program, Associates develop the skills and experience to enable them to lead effectively, with the opportunity to make a tangible positive impact on students, schools and communities—every single day.

Teach, lead, learn and earn at the same time.

The Leadership Development Program pushes Associates’ boundaries and tests resilience, problem solving, organisational and planning ability like no other.

Throughout the Program, Associates work as a teacher with full salary and benefits, while also studying a master’s degree and participating in extra-curricular activities, in a new profession, and potentially in a new community.

The responsibility of leading students to improved outcomes cannot be overstated – few other careers offer the opportunity for genuine responsibility, autonomy and impact from day one.

Become part of a local, national and global community of leaders.

Associates are part of a national and global network of teachers and leaders who are passionate about achieving educational equity.

The Teach For Australia Alumni community remains connected and continues to work in various capacities towards achieving educational equity, whether this be through teaching and leading in schools, innovating to solve problems in education, supporting low socio-economic communities and influencing education policy.

Teach For Australia is also part of the global Teach For All network of over 46 partner organisations around the world that work to expand educational opportunity in their own countries.

Develop your skills where they’re most needed.

Teach For Australia provides comprehensive development and support to accelerate personal and professional development. With the help of dedicated coaching and mentoring, Associates often progress into positions of leadership within schools very quickly, enabling a broadened capacity for impact.

After two intense, challenging and unbelievably rewarding years, Associates gain a set of unique and highly sought-after leadership skills.

At the end of the program, Associates may take the next step in a teaching career, striving towards having even more impact on students, school and community, and continuing to master the art and science of being a transformational teacher.

Many Alumni also launch on exciting paths beyond the classroom, taking with them the invaluable skills and experience obtained throughout the program.

Earn a nationally accredited degree that accelerates your entry into the teaching profession.

Delivered in partnership with ACU, Associates will earn a Master of Teaching (Secondary)(Professional Practice).

The degree is unique in Australia, closely linking theory to practice to provide powerful insights into how students learn, while preparing Associates to differentiate their teaching practice to meet individual student needs within low socioeconomic communities.

After an intensive period of initial training and development, Associates commence employment as a teacher at a Teach For Australia partner school, with time release to complete their studies. The combined approach offers the opportunity to immediately integrate the knowledge, skills and mindsets developed through the program to the context of an actual classroom.

We need excellent teachers in the classrooms in which they can have the greatest impact.

Our vision to achieve educational equity begins inside the classroom. We partner exclusively with schools serving low socio-economic communities, working in the regions and communities that need the most support.

We match Associates with a specific vacancy that exists at a partner school, meeting their profile, curriculum, subject and organisational needs. For many Associates, school placement requires relocation – to a new community, state or territory.

Throughout the recruitment process, applicants have the opportunity to express a preference for where they would like to work. We encourage complete flexibility within at least one of our placement states or territories, to improve our ability to secure a placement and the teaching position in which they can have the greatest impact.

Working in close collaboration with fellow Associates, teachers, school leaders and the community, Associates are placed in a cluster within the same school or schools nearby, which provides increased local support for Associates while increasing the opportunity for impact within the communities we work with.


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