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What are we looking for in your application?

You’ll need to have a keen eye for detail. Grammar, spelling, punctuation are still important. Don’t tell us, but show us you are passionate about your future career. Somewhere in your application, plant a big idea that makes you stand out from the rest. Don’t simply list your achievements; tell us about the person behind the application.

How long is the graduate program?

The program runs for 6 months from January - June/July, with specific criteria to be successfully completed.

How many graduate positions are there each year?

The number varies each year depending on the number of participating member agencies. In 2017, 39 graduates were successful in agencies across both Sydney and Melbourne.

When does the 2018 program start?

It is anticipated that you will start in one of our member agencies in late-January 2018.

What is the salary?

Like many other graduate programs in Australia, the base salary is industry standard and entry level between $40-50K.

What happens after the graduate program finishes?

Will the agency keep me on? The aim is to retain graduates wherever possible but this will depend on a number of factors unique to the agency in which you are placed.

What’s the minimum qualification that is required to apply for the program?

The program is designed for undergraduates. We encourage applicants from any academic discipline who have successfully completed a university degree or TAFE equivalent within the past 18 months with a credit average and above.

Do I have to be an Australian Citizen to apply for the program?

Yes. This is a local industry program. We are not accredited to take international students and therefore it’s mandatory to have Australian or New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency.

Do I need to have a Comms Degree?

No, we accept anyone from any discipline but you much have a University Degree/TAFE equivalent.

How do I submit my application?

Apply online. Applications close 11 October.

Who do I contact if I have a question regarding the application process?

Please contact [email protected]

Can I apply for the graduate program in Sydney and Melbourne?

You can only apply for either Sydney or Melbourne and NOT both.

What’s involved in the application process?

  • Submit an online application (if you are shortlisted we will request your CV, academic transcript and proof of citizenship/permanent residency)
  • If selected, attend the assessment day
  • If selected, agency interviews
  • Reference checks
  • Offers


  • Familiarise yourself with the deadlines
  • Complete all questions to the best of your ability
  • Write clearly and check for spelling errors

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