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Disability is often invisible, and the experience of living with a disability is different for every person.

Transport for NSW (Transport) is committed to an ongoing program that reduces or eliminates barriers preventing customers and staff with disabilities from actively participating in employment, education, recreation and community life. Our Talent Team Program intake helps people with disabilities secure supportive careers with Transport and our agencies, and also facilitates education and awareness sessions for other employees. Our disability support network consists of staff from across Transport and its agencies who provide advice and guidance, and plan staff and community events such as International Day of People with a Disability.

We are proud of our Accessible and Inclusive Transport team which develops and delivers policy initiatives designed to foster equitable access to transport services. The team operates within our Policy and Regulation Division in support of the Transport Disability Action Plan 2012-17.

Transport is a gold member of the Australian Network on Disability, allowing us to better support our people leaders and employees across all aspects of recruitment, selection, development and retention of our employees.

Stuart Hume, Geospatial Officer Sydney

In 2009 my life changed when I came off my motorbike and damaged my spinal cord. I now have to use a wheelchair to get around. I didn’t think I would be able to find a job that would give me the same fulfilment I had before the accident. Part of my recovery was to take up sport again. I’ve since made it onto the national Paralympic Alpine Ski Team, which requires me to travel for upwards of 15 weeks a year to train and compete. I now have the flexibility to have the time off required to chase my dream of representing Australia, and a workplace that is accessible to the point where I don’t feel like I have a disability. I have to say my job satisfaction is better than before my accident!


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