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The Environment

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We rely on the environment to provide excellent quality drinking water and have a role in ensuring its ongoing health – protecting this precious resource.

We recognise we can have an impact on the health of the environment through the delivery of our services. The three areas where we have the biggest impact and best opportunity to make a significant difference are greenhouse gas emissions, discharges to waterways and the quantity of water that we take from the environment.

A fundamental priority is to ensure that our water and wastewater services are resilient to climate change, drought and population growth.

Energy generation: We are committed to being greenhouse gas neutral, at the lowest community cost. To date we have used offsets generated by our showerhead exchange program. Going forward, we have set ourselves a target of being energy neutral by 2030 – generating as much energy as we consume.

Waste to Energy: Our Waste to Energy facility provides an environmentally friendly disposal solution for commercial organic waste – diverting it from landfill. It sits next to an existing sewage treatment plant and generates enough biogas to run both sites with surplus energy being exported to the electricity grid.

Healthy waterways: We impact on our waterways from the water we take from the environment, and the nutrients and other pollutants that are discharged back to the waterways, from our treatment plant discharges and from our sewers during storm events. Our aim is to have no net impact on our waterways.


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