International Student Employability Outcomes

  • A feed of thousands of jobs/internships specifically for your international students.
  • Build industry connections with organizations who hire international students.
  • Our international employer on-boarding teams on the ground in multiple countries are adding employers for your students all year round.
  • On demand reporting for student employment outcomes, from tot|al applications to where your students are applying and successfully getting jobs.
  • Use a Turn-Key, modern platform that integrates into your career site for a seamless experience or integrate into existing technology platforms.

International Student Employer’s White Labelled Platform

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The amount of international opportunities predominantly for international students is staggering with a large amount of employers wanting to target all of your international students, however they face many challenges to do so:

  • Small Team: Generally teams of 1 – 2 campus recruiters are responsible for multiple countries campus recruitment
  • Limited Resources: With thousands of universities to cover in the US, UK and Australia, these small teams can’t interact with every university even though they would like to.
  • Measurable Options: With so many options available and limited resources employers prefer to choose measurable, digital options so they can justify their spend and also where they can cover the most ground in a single interaction.

How it works


Integrate thousands of jobs for international students directly into your careers website

How Campus Connect works - Integrating jobs

Employers target students by their work rights and nationalities and studets search by their citizenship and discipline and apply for positions

How Campus Connect works - International student employability

Generate employability reports for any stakeholders about specific career outcomes for your international students

How Campus Connect works - Integrating jobs


Events and Training for Careers Professionals

International student employability is a constant issue amongst universities. As student numbers grow pressure on careers services will continue to build. A key issue to this is not having the capacity to deal with the volume. The aim of the summit is to provide universities real connections with employers of international students. Through our research we've found that employers won't target overseas Universities as they either don't know who to contact or they don't know where to find the information on the students to assess how relevant that may be. However with this information over 80% of employers would consider an overseas university as our 2016 Returnee Survey has shown.

Join Career and Employability professionals from around the globe and meet key employers from Asia for your international students.

Please join us to build real connections for your international students.

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Returnee Report

The GradConnection Returnee Report 2016 was based on research conducted by GradConnection between August and September 2016. The survey participants consisted of 93 employers from a range of sectors based in China and Hong Kong.

The aim of the survey was to provide insight into the hiring preferences of returnee students and establish a benchmark on returnee recruitment strategies for employers based in China and Hong Kong. The survey also aims to uncover the employability prospects for international students from universities based in Australia, United Kingdom and the United States.

The report was conducted via an online survey, using a variety of multiple choice questions.

The output is presented in a way to best display the insight.

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About GradConnection Campus

GradConnection works with institutions to provide a service of connecting your international students with employers in their home countries. Allowing universities to provide the GradConnection Campus global portal to your students.

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