International Students Employability Summit 2017

27th - 29th July | Shanghai and 1st & 2nd August | Hong Kong

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Summit Overview

International student employability is a constant issue amongst universities. As student numbers grow pressure on careers services will continue to build. A key issue to this is not having the capacity to deal with the volume.

The aim of the summit is to provide universities real connections with employers of international students. Through our research we've found that employers won't target overseas Universities as they either don't know who to contact or they don't know where to find the information on the students to assess how relevant that may be. However with this information over 80% of employers would consider an overseas university as our 2016 Returnee Survey has shown -

Join Career and Employability professionals from around the globe and meet key employers in China and Hong Kong.

Reasons why you need to attend:
  • The United States, United Kingdom and Australia Universities were highly targeted above any other country.
  • 55% of employers have over 100 vacancies available.
  • 19% of employers don't target universities because either they don't have a contact, or know how to make contact.
  • Over 50% of employers don't target universities because they don't know the international student/returnee numbers at that university.
  • 86% of respondents would consider targeting universities if they knew they had a large number of relevant international/returnee students.
  • 57% of respondents most important attribute for targeting a university is if they have successfully hired from there before.

Learn the key differences of working in each of the 3 largest markets for Chinese and Asian students

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Join GradConnection to build real connections for your international students. The days will be broken down as below with a programme to follow -

Day 1 - Employers and Universities

Sessions, training and workshops will be run by employers and universities to share best practice on connecting returnee students back home. Below is an outline of the sessions provided for Universities.

AM Session

PM Session

Day 2 - Exhibition for your students

A fair will be run where employers will exhibit to meet the attending universities students who are already back home.

Any university attending the summit can invite their students to attend.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for Universities wanting to gain extra exposure to the employers attending. Sponsor Universities will also have access to exclusive training for their students on becoming an employable returnee.

R.S.V.P below to reserve your space.

Pricing for 2017

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