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Personal Statement

I am a final year student at Deakin university. I am not afraid to plant my feet and face challenges head on expecting to learn something new along the way. I am passionate about being in new situations to explore different strategies and ways of thinking because I believe that keeping an open mind is never a negative thing. \n\nI am currently studying international business and commercial law. International business is of an interest to me because I value learning how to work with people in a way that benefits all. At the same time however, commercial law is an interest to me because I believe in fairness and reasoning per the facts of a situation. What I have been aiming to achieve in university is the combination of the two; effort should be taken to benefit all parties fairly, but all decisions should be weighed based on reason and discussion.\n\nCareer wise, I am aiming for a position where I can be a part of bigger decisions that will impact customers positively; I desire to work in a team to make differences. \n\nWhen I picture my future, I imagine stability and growth are at the centre of what I wish to be working for. I place a lot of importance on teamwork to support this as I believe that it is never bad to ask for help and that we move further into the future when we do it together.


Deakin University
  • Business and Commerce
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  • 0-10 Administration Assistant

  • \u2022\t0-10 Years Experience Relaying Messages and Liaising With Co-workers To Ensure Both Customer Satisfaction and Work Efficiency/Occupational Health and Safety

  • Process Design and Improvement

Interest & Hobbies

  • Spending Time With My Pet Dog

  • 10+ Years Exercise

  • 0-17 Years Swimming


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