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John A. Seager

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Plato's allegory of 'The Cave' was one of the first political pieces that I grew up reading. It has since become an important inspiration throughout my entire life. The thought that many live in ignorance of the world around them was both a terrifying and enlightening revelation for my younger self. Since then I have become intent on guiding people out of 'The Cave' and develop confidence in their own understandings of the world. To that end I represent Griffith University as a Student Ambassador as part of the Office of Marketing and Communications. I am also a results-driven, high achieving student currently studying a Bachelor of Government and International Relations in my second year, majoring in Public Policy. Here I have developed skills in both Presentation Management and Public Speaking and in Public Policy and International Relations Theory. I enjoy making new professional acquaintances. Reach out if you want to discuss all things politics. Specialties: Public Speaking and Presentations, Public Policy, Political Theory, Philosophy, and International Relations Theory.


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  • Griffith University - Bachelor in Government
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