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Joanne Reed
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Personal Statement

I am a student currently studying Registered Nursing ready to graduate this year 2016.\nI am passionate about looking after others and providing quality care.\nI hope to continue to up grade my skills and knowledge once registered by seeking further study in phlebotomy and cannula application.\nI enjoy learning and applying new skills to patient care always using evidence based practice and providing rationals for all care provided.\nI am really looking forward to graduating so I can finally put my skills to practice and become a well recognised nurse, always willing to partake in ongoing learning whilst also making therapeutic relationships with fellow work colleagues, Patients and family members.\nI believe I would be a great asset to your team.\n\n


Work Rights:
  • Australian Citizen


  • Murdoch Institute of Technology - Bachelor in Health services
    Graduation date:
    • Health services
    Degree Level:
  • Murdoch University - Bachelor in Nursing
    Graduation date:
    • Nursing
    Degree Level:


  • Company Name:
    Carer at Aegis Shoalwater Aged Care

    High Care Nursing Assistant\r\nPatients Daily living requirements/Needs\r\nPhysiotherapist Assistant\r\nOccupational Therapy Assistant\r\nDysphagia Competent\r\nManual Handling\r\nCPR/ Paediatric CPR\r\nMedication Competent\r\n\r\n\r\nReferences =\r\nMandy Dobbs 9527 3016- Boss @ Shoalwater\r\nJayne CNM 95273016- Second In charge @ Shoalwater\r\n\r\nLilly @ Shoalwater Nursing Home (CNM)\r\n(08) 95273016\r\n\r\nJo Walker @Murdoch University\r\nTutorial Teacher (08) 9582 5501 or 0437 204 762\r\n\r\nPeter Hall @Murdoch University\r\nTutorial Teacher (08) 9582 5501\r\n\r\nPrue Anderson @Murdoch University\r\nTutorial Teacher (08) 9582 5501\r\n\r\nRosalie Southwell @Murdoch University\r\nTutorial Teacher 9582 5517 or (08) 9582 5501\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n


  • Experience as Registered Nurse

    \r\n. Multi skilled carer\r\n. Personal care to the elderly\r\n. Personal hygiene care\r\n. Support worker\r\n. Excellent patient care skills\r\n. Skilled in dealing with psychologically emotional \r\n situations\r\n. Counseling\r\n. Grief and loss support\r\n. Good attention to details and observation\r\n. Activities Coordinator\r\n. Therapy Assistance\r\n. Disability support\r\n. Community support\r\n. Manual handling\r\n. CPR\r\n. Support to clinical and allied health staff for good patient care\r\n. Strong team spirit\r\n. Strong Interpersonal skills- relating well with others\r\n. Demonstrated ability to adhere to clinical care \r\n procedures, and in systematising own progress plans to ensure that the objectives of the health care unit are fulfilled.\r\n. Medication competence\r\n. Assessing and acknowledging patient deterioration and able to manage situation accordingly. \r\n. Neurological, Respiratory and circulation assessment competencies. \r\n. Dysphagia competence\r\n. 1st, 2nd and 3rd year nursing clinical skill\u2019s competencies with practical experience and RN References.\r\n. Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability and exposure assessment competent with CPR or MET call procedure.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n

  • Experinced nurse

    Always providing evidence based practice, adhering to policies and procedures at each facility.\r\nApplying the nursing code of conduct every time I work with patients. Working within my scope of practice has allowed me to be professional and work within a nursing framework.\r\n

  • experienced Registered Nurse

    Professionalism.\r\nQuality Patient Care.\r\nAttention to Detail.\r\nRecognition of a Deteriorating Patient.\r\nAssessing Patient Admission and Discharge.

Interest & Hobbies

  • exercising regularly

    I enjoy Swimming.\r\nI enjoy meditation.\r\nI enjoy yoga.\r\nI love fishing.\r\nI like long walks on the beach or at the estuary walking my beautiful puppy.\r\nI enjoy watching the sunset in the summer time.

  • 10+ Years Fishing and Camping

    Going fishing in the summertime

  • Beach Walking

    Walking at the beach watching the sun set.


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