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Alexander Wood


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University of Technology Sydney
  • Engineering civil structural
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  • Intern / Analyst at GBG Australia

    \u2022\tParticipating in weekly meetings to track project progression, discuss and plan future projects\r\n\u2022\tLearning and understanding the different methods of data acquisition through performing various geophysical techniques\r\n\u2022\tObtaining and completing the appropriate contracts required by the client\r\n\u2022\tPreparing the necessary equipment needed for the project and ensuring all equipment is accounted for\r\n\u2022\tCollecting data using the equipment necessary for the project\r\n\u2022\tProcessing the raw data and converting it to a readable format using the required programs\r\n\u2022\tFiltering the data to remove disturbances and to enhance the signal for better analysis\r\n\u2022\tExamining and analysing the data for anomalies which would be typical to the subsurface investigation\r\n\u2022\tInterpreting the data and compiling a clear and concise, easy to read report for the client\r\n\u2022\tCommunicating project progression and challenges with project manager, team members and clients\r\n

  • Customer Advisor at National Australia Bank

    \u2022\tCreate new customer profiles and ensure all data entry has been perfectly matched with the customers details and various banking programs\r\n\u2022\tAssess the customer\u2019s needs based on financial standing and answer queries in relation to banking needs\r\n\u2022\tPerform specialised tasks such as preparing cashier's cheques, personal money orders, issuing traveller's cheques and exchanging foreign currency\r\n\u2022\tObtain appropriate documents and contracts relevant for the customer\u2019s needs and ensuring compliance is met\r\n\u2022\tResolve issues and problems with customer's accounts, cards and other banking services, finding missing deposits and to verify unknown transactions\r\n\u2022\tMaintain vigilance of surroundings, staff and customers to prevent any potential threats\r\n\u2022\tEnsure complete and accurate records are kept and confirm all relevant personal information has been destroyed according to banking regulations\r\n\u2022\tCreate orders to ensure up to date legal documentation, stationary supplies, and customer pamphlets are sufficiently in stock \r\n\u2022\tEnsure compliance with all established policies and procedures\r\n\u2022\tHandle cash extensively, count and balance all cash tills at the end of each day\r\n\u2022\tConducting end of day debriefs to discuss results and how to improve\r\n

  • Concrete Worker at Walid Concreting

    \u2022\tConstant awareness of surroundings, occupational hazards and safety precautions\r\n\u2022\tDisplace construction materials around the construction site\r\n\u2022\tInterpret blueprints and read survey stakes to establish correct grade\r\n\u2022\tBuild, erect and align formwork for various concrete structures and foundations\r\n\u2022\tPerformed duties of measuring, cutting and placing steel mesh and reinforcement bars as per the blueprints\r\n\u2022\tAccurately estimate concrete quantities \r\n\u2022\tPour and rough leveling of concrete\r\n\u2022\tMaintain a clean and tidy site at all times\r\n

  • Flight Attendant / Cabin Crew at Qatar Airways

    \u2022\tCarried out pre-flight duties, including checking the safety equipment, ensuring the aircraft was clean, tidy and the information in the seat pockets was up to date and correct as well as making sure catering was sufficient for all passengers\r\n\u2022\tAttended pre-flight briefing, during which air cabin crew were assigned their working positions for the upcoming flight (crew are also informed of flight details, the schedule and if there were passengers with any special requirements\r\n\u2022\tConducted thorough safety and security checks to guarantee safety for passengers and crew\r\n\u2022\tMade announcements on behalf of the pilot and answered passenger questions during the flight\r\n\u2022\tProvided first aid to passengers when required\r\n\u2022\tEnsured passengers disembarked safely at the end of each flight and checked that there was no luggage left in the overhead lockers; completed paper work, including writing a flight report (when necessary)\r\n\u2022\tRoute network coverage in the Middle East, Far East, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, and trained for work in a modern fleet of Airbus A319, A320, A321, A330, A340 and Boeing 777 aircrafts\r\n


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  • Concreting

  • Management Skills

  • Teamwork

  • Time Management

  • First Aid

  • Microsoft Office

Interest & Hobbies

  • American Football

  • Motorbike


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